6 Animals that Symbolize Freedom

Manuel GarManuel G | March 18 2023


When we think of animals that symbolize freedom, the first thing that comes to mind are those that have the ability to fly. The expression “free as a bird” makes it clear that we understand moving through the air to be the greatest expression of freedom that can be experienced.

However, there are more representatives of the animal world, not only birds, that can be linked to this concept. To discover the main ones, here's a list.

1. Eagle

The Eagle is the symbol of freedom par excellence and the first animal that we relate to this idea. The vision of the eagle with its wings spread across the heights is as close as we can imagine to the idea of absolute freedom, and in fact, its image is used more than any other to represent this concept.

2. Cat

The cat is normally associated with independence, and independence is freedom. You can't have a cat locked up somewhere if it doesn't want to be. Its curiosity leads it to want to explore new territories, and isn't this something we also define as freedom?

3. Horse

The image of wild horses galloping through the prairie is another of the most vivid representations of the idea of freedom. But the connection of the horse with this concept goes further beyond this image and is very much related to humans. For centuries, the horse has been the main means of human transport, and having a horse meant the difference between being able to get around or not, given that there were no other alternatives.

4. Butterfly

The butterfly also fits with the idea of freedom because of its erratic flight, which allows it to head in any direction at any time. While birds usually follow a path when flying, the butterfly makes constant changes, without anyone ever knowing what its next move will be.

5. Wolf

The wolf is also an animal that symbolizes freedom. It chooses when to act alone or when to form part of a pack, and it faces all difficulties without fear. It doesn't mind facing hostile climates and environments. In short, it is the ultimate motif of an animal that lives its life on its own terms at all times.

6. Seagull

The seagull represents freedom for several reasons. The first, of course, is its ability to fly, but it's also because seagulls move frequently around the coast, which gives them the possibility to choose between land, sea, and air. That ability to choose what you want at every moment is the idea we all have of freedom.

These are some of the animals that are most often associated with the idea of freedom and that may serve as inspiration if freedom is an important value in your life. As you see, there are many ways to live in freedom, and the animal kingdom gives us proof of that. Choose yours and live life the way that makes you happiest.

Edited by Melissa K.