5 Animals that Symbolize Wisdom and Experience

Manuel GarManuel G | March 18 2023

wise man

Wisdom and experience are values that are acquired over time. We are all born ignorant, and life teaches us based on mistakes, blunders, and stumbles. This is not so different in the animal world, although there are some species that are associated more than others with these concepts. Let's see which animals are considered to have the greatest connection with the concepts of wisdom and experience.

1. Owl

The owl is associated with wisdom because the goddess Athena was accompanied by this beautiful bird. She was considered an image of this virtue, as well as of the arts and tactics of war. It was said that Athena had owl eyes because of her intelligence and great insight, so this bird was adopted as a symbol of wisdom, an imagery that endures even in our times.

2. Mouse

Because of its small size, the mouse is the object of desire of many predators. However, far from extinction, mice still have a significant presence in nature. Experience has given them the wisdom to escape dangers and reproduce frequently so that their species continues to survive all threats.

3. Ant

Wisdom and experience are what lead the ant to work hard during the summer, collecting and storing food for when the cold and hard times come. Millions of these animals throughout history have repeated the same behavior and have shown us the wisdom of their actions: to save for when there is not enough.

4. Fox

The fox is said to be the most cunning animal. This is so because of its great wisdom that allows it to emerge victorious from nearly all situations. When other animals do not find a way to cross the river, the fox is able to find a narrow area to cross, or a trunk to climb onto. Its wisdom tells it that, even if there is no obvious solution in sight, all problems can be solved one way or another.

5. Tortoise

Wisdom is very much related to longevity. We understand that life is experience, and that the more we live, the wiser we become. For this reason, the tortoise, one of the animals with the highest life expectancy, is among the most common symbols of wisdom. There are tortoises that have lived up to 250 years, so it is easy to imagine how much experience they will have accumulated in all that time.

Edited by Melissa K.