Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | September 16 2020

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius man and woman have every chance to live a great love story.

Both have been lucky enough to be born under the same sign of the zodiac. Governed by the Air element, these two beings recognize each other immediately: the same desire for freedom, the same sensitivity, the same imagination and almost the same way of thinking.

They like each other from the first moment and have a wonderful time together, even in intimacy. Humor is one of the couple's strengths. Boredom is not part of their daily life, because they are used to not planning anything, to be surprised by life. Their shared originality and imagination allow them to drive away the monotony that kills so many couples nowadays.

This couple causes envy in those around them. Their love is carefree and resembles adolescent love, free from almost any restrictions.

Over time, things sometimes get a little more complicated, because some tensions usually arise. If they decide to start a family and live together, it is because they have let fate take its course. Both tend to go with the flow of things, allowing situations to evolve naturally.

Over time, the Aquarius woman may get tired of having to take on everything regarding everyday family life. A little more reality-oriented, she's the one who is often in charge of solving the material and bureaucratic problems. She will never completely adapt to this role because she's as far from reality as her partner. She fulfills her role, very often driven by a sense of duty and above all, by her children, if she has them. Her partner is more reckless, more of a dreamer, totally busy planning projects that often fail to come true, which irritates her a little because she often sacrifices her own freedom for the success of her partner.

If the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman want their union to last, they will have to make some compromises. For example, they could avoid the temptation to pass the buck in the obligations of everyday life and each accept their share of responsibility. They must rely on their positive qualities to cope with the sacrifices necessary.

Their connectedness, intelligence and imagination will allow them to overcome the difficult moments of life in a relationship. Their openness to the outside world will also be an important asset. This way, they will be able to recharge their batteries and find support in their loved ones if their relationship threatens to fall out of balance.

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