The Aquarius Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | May 30 2021

The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is sentimental, dreamy, and highly delicate. This apparent fragility hides, in truth, an independent person who almost never abides by the established authority and rules. She likes to be independent and not rely on anyone. Intellectual, lively in spirit and highly creative, she is a very curious person, constantly learning.

She is full of innovative ideas and constantly seeks to discover new things. She is idealistic and dreams of changing the world. She usually has many projects in mind, but most of them do not come to fruition.

The Aquarius woman lives in a universe of contradictions. She likes to be alone and at the same time is quite sociable, which means she had many friends, both men and women. But without a doubt, her most distinguishing characteristic is her need for freedom and independence.

In Love

The Aquarius woman constantly explores and experiments in her life, something she also does in love. She is attracted to people who have a surprising originality. Resistant to routine, she does not readily accept the imposition of an orderly life as a couple. She prefers to live a passionate love while she maintains control. She may seem cold, but this shell, above all, hides a very sensitive woman.

The Aquarius woman likes to seduce, and she attracts men thanks to her creativity, imagination, and intelligence.

She allows herself to go with the flow if her partner respects her spirit of freedom, and especially her need to spend time alone. If that's the case, she'll be faithful and will do everything possible to make her partner feel comfortable. She is neither jealous nor possessive - however, she needs her partner not to stir up doubts and to remind her often how important she is to him.

If something makes her feel disappointed, she'll become spiteful, and she does not forgive easily, which results in some people being cut out of her life in the wake of her disappointment. She doesn't believe too much in second chances.

How to make an Aquarius fall in love with you?

Aquarius woman, as we've said, is very attached to her freedom, which means it's not easy to win her over. She is demanding in love and does not let herself fall in love easily. She's always afraid she's missing out on something better.

You have to be a patient and interesting person, because commitment scares her. She loves to constantly discover new sensations in her relationships. She wants surprises, she wants new things happen, and that's why she seeks originality in her partner. There is no room for monotony. To win her heart, her partner will have to have a mysterious side for her to want to know them more.

As a partner, you must have confidence in her, just like she does in you. She does not believe in a relationship where there is distrust.

But the most important requirement is to avoid falling into routine, because she will get tired of it quickly.

She loves travel, music, and good food, and if you can't offer her a life of adventures and new experiences every day, don't bother trying because it won't work.

The Aquarius Woman In Bed

In general, the Aquarius woman gives the impression that she is not too demanding in terms of sex. However, she loves to take her time to discover the other, both physically and intellectually.

She does not necessarily mix sex with love - she can have casual relationships, especially if it's with someone with whom she feels a certain physical attraction.

Sometimes unpredictable, she likes to try new things and experience new situations. She's an adventurer who enjoys sex from beginning to end, and if she manages to trust her partner, there will be nothing that's off the table.

When her desire for her partner is deep, she wastes no time and gives herself over without reservations. She is very seductive and will not have to make much effort for her partner to follow her in bed.

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