Meanings and Symbolism of the 150 Most Popular Tattoos

Manuel GarManuel G | January 25 2021

tattoo symbols

First, the Most Popular Symbols and Types

Anchors - Anchors are a symbol of security and hope. They are considered the guide or intermediary between the heavenly world and the earthly world.

Compasses - Compasses are a guide for those who are lost, and not only in the strict sense of the word, but also, for example, lost within a romantic relationship. You may also get a compass tattoo if you feel that you know the path you have to follow in your life.

Cherries - Cherries are associated with the female hymen, so they symbolize virginity and innocence.

Cats - Cats are intelligent, cunning animals, so they symbolize intelligence and shrewdness, although at other times they also symbolize betrayal and fear of the human being.

Horses - Horses symbolize strength, power, nobility, and freedom (there are still free horses in some parts of the world).

Infinity Sign - The infinity sign comes from Arabic and symbolizes eternity, that which never ends, in reference to nature or the soul itself. It is an internationally known symbol used to mean that something has no end and will never have an end. Almost everyone who chooses this tattoo associates it with love, but it can have other connotations.

Dogs - Dogs symbolize loyalty and fidelity (they are always faithful to their owners). You may also get a tattoo of your dog's face to show the love you have or had for your dog if it has passed away.

Butterflies - Butterflies symbolize beauty, freedom, and metamorphosis, although they are also related to the ephemeral, sympathy, and fragility.

Clowns - Clowns can have two different meanings depending on whether they are simple clowns that make you laugh or, on the contrary, evil clowns with terrifying faces. The former symbolize laughter, good vibes, and fun, and the latter symbolize terror and fear.

Fairies - Fairies symbolize youthful innocence, and that's why many people tattoo fairies on their bodies, because they want to keep that innocence with them and not grow old - that is, they want to always keep their young spirit.

Hummingbirds - In legends, hummingbirds have been attributed with supernatural powers. They have always been essential elements of witchcraft and spells.

Dove - Everyone knows that doves symbolize peace.

Dolphins - After humans, dolphins are the most intelligent living creatures (according to science). Also, the good relationship dolphins have with human beings can be seen everywhere, and that is why they symbolize the spiritual, as well as the connection between the natural world and the human being.

Diamonds - From the Greek "adamantem," which means or translates to "invincible," so they symbolize the infinite, the eternal, and protection, since the diamond is the hardest element on Earth. It will help protect us from evils and toxic people.

Yin and Yang - Yin and yang symbolize the balance between what is wrong and what is right: each part needs the other to continue to exist. In the world, there are bad actions and good actions, and in the end, the good ones put everything into balance.

Mermaids - Mermaids have 3 different meanings: first, the protection of the seas (in legends, they have always rescued sailors who were going to die). Secondly, they symbolize the seduction that leads us to destruction, as with Eve (in the Bible), and thirdly, they symbolize beauty. 

Horseshoe - The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck, and those who choose to include a horseshoe in their tattoo do so because they want to attract good luck.

Mandala - The mandala is one of the most famous symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism, and just like in those religions, it is used to capture people's attention. These are symbols drawn in such a way that you can spend hours and hours looking at it. It's an ideal design if you are one of those people who like to catch the attention of passers-by and be observed.

The Virgin Mary - The Virgin Mary is a very important icon within Catholicism. She is an exemplary woman and symbolizes compassion and purity. If the Virgin Mary appears accompanied by her son, then she represents the love between a mother and her son.

Bull - As a general rule, the bull symbolizes power, resurrection, strength, masculinity, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, and manhood, although it also represents the role of parents and loyalty. It is also the symbol of the zodiac sign Taurus. In numerous ancient cultures, the bull has the role of the father of the herd because it's a symbol of masculinity.

Sunflower - The sunflower's scientific name is Helianthus, and it has been given this name as a reference to the Greek god of the sun, Helios. People choose sunflower tattoos to show that they will never stray from their path and that that they will always do what they are destined for.

Swallows - Swallows gained great popularity among sailors since they were the first birds seen when sailors were close to land. Seeing a swallow was a good omen for sailors, as this meant that their adventure had reached a happy ending. That's why, in a tattoo, a swallow is an amulet that will help us find our way in life and that will help us return home in the event of problems.

Clover (Trifolium) - It is well known that clover is synonymous with good luck, and that's why those who seek to attract good luck opt for this tattoo. The Irish also consider it a sacred plant, and in fact, they often include it when they tattoo the flag of their country. The three-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity.

Wolves - Wolves symbolize trust, nobility, loyalty, and cunning.

Trees - Trees have two different parts. One is its crown and the other is its roots. The crown is in contact with the Sky, and the roots with the Earth. That's why trees symbolize harmony and the connection between Heaven and Earth. If it is a family tree, that means you are a person who gives a lot of importance to family.

Fleur de Lis - The symbolic weight of this flower is enormous. It symbolizes spirituality, purity, and perfection. It is worshiped by many cultures, including French and Buddhist culture, as they consider this flower to have something unique about it, not to mention its ability to glow in the dark.

Dragonfly - In various cultures, dragonflies are associated with good luck.

Music Notes - Music notes symbolize a love of music. Anyone can get this tattoo, since you don't have to have studied music to understand and love it.

Knots - Knots have their origin in Celtic culture and represent the eternal and the connection of nature with the human soul.

Snake - The snake is one of the animals that appears in a great number of stories and legends throughout the history of the human race, and it's almost always associated with temptation and betrayal. It is also a reptile that uses all its intelligence and finesse when hunting, making it a perfect symbol for those who use all their intelligence to achieve their goals.

Rose - The rose is loaded with symbolism and has to do with passion, love, and beauty.

Sun - The sun represents life, fertility, and power. It is associated with masculinity.

Moon - This celestial body is usually associated with nature and femininity. It is associated with femininity largely due to women's period of menstruation. In addition, the moon is a symbol of change, as the moon goes through different phases throughout the month.

Jesus Christ - This tattoo is perfect to show your devotion and admiration for all the good values that Christianity advocates for. Or simply to pay homage to Jesus' life. A good choice for believers.

Cherub - These child (or infant) angels often appear surrounded by clouds, arches, or other images related to divinity. Like angels, they symbolize protection, but they also symbolize the innocence and purity of childhood.

Birds - Birds are the creatures with the greatest symbolic power in nature and are always associated with peace, freedom, and spirituality. This is a good design for those who have a free spirit and who have dreams yet to be fulfilled.

Dragon - For centuries in China and almost all of Asia, the dragon has been a symbol of power and mystery. Unlike in Europe, where the dragon was seen as a terrifying creature, in China it was revered as symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and goodwill.

Fist - A fist symbolizes that you are against an idea or that you are fighting against someone. In other cases, a fist can also mean that you are against the established system or against some mindsets such as racism.

Footprints - Footprints symbolize everything that leaves a mark on us in our life and the important experiences that have made us who we are. If the footprints belong to an animal, they represent a love for that animal. There are also many people who include the name or date of death of their pets to always remember them.


Eagle - Eagles symbolize strength and national pride, and that is why many countries include it in their flag.

Weapons - Heavily tattooed inside prisons, weapons symbolize power and are used to warn other inmates that you are prepared to defend yourself at any time.

Love and Hate (Words) - These words are usually tattooed on the knuckles of both hands, each word on one hand, and they symbolize the duality existing within us.

Amulet - An amulet is like a talisman that helps us toward a particular goal. For example, there are amulets that provide us with luck, protection from our enemies, and from envious people. These amulets are different from culture to culture.

Claddagh Ring - Claddagh is a village in Ireland that gave its name to a type of ring in the form of two hands holding a heart. This ring symbolizes friendship, love, and devotion.

Ankh or Key of Life – This cross is a symbol of ancient Egypt and symbolizes eternal life and the ascension of the spirit to the afterlife.

Aso - The Aso is a half-dog and half-dragon creature from the mythology of Borneo and is a symbol of protection against evil spirits.

Acorn – The acorn comes from the oak, and that is why in many cultures the acorn is perceived as a symbol of fertility, strength, stout-heartedness, and patience. Virtues that will lead us to succeed in life.

Halo - The halo is the crown, almost always golden, that appears above the angels. It is a symbol of perfection and spirituality.


Bees - Bees work very hard and nonstop. That is why these tattoos symbolize dedication to hard work.

Bear - The bear is known for its strength, but it also has a diplomatic ability that allows it to solve problems without using violence. It's also one of the animals that protects its family most effectively. A bear is a perfect design for you either if you are a person who always tries to avoid using violence or if you want to let others know that you will protect your family to the end.

Bamboo - Bamboo represents strength, stability, and durability. At other times, it symbolizes a long and successful life. In some cultures, it is associated with death and birth, as it is a very strong plant and has extraordinary vitality.

Owl - The owl is a very wise and mesmerizing animal that hunts at night. Owls are birds that are always on the alert about what is happening around them. This is why it's a good choice for people who are nervous or who prefer night versus day.

Firemen - All symbols related to firemen represent courage, bravery, and sacrifice, as they are people who give their lives to help others.

Buddha - Buddha is also known as Buddha Gautama or Siddhârta Gautama, and he is the founder of Buddhism. In Buddhism anyone can be a Buddha as long as they have overcome some emotional states such as anger, envy, and ignorance. A tattoo of Buddha symbolizes that you are a person who strives to overcome these states so that none of these problems affect you in your day-to-day life.

Flag - Humans love to belong to different groups. We are divided into countries, cities, football teams, motorcycle lovers... and all of them with a different flag or symbol. Flags indicate our membership in a group or nation and symbolize our pride and love for that group.

Rainbow Flag - Since the 70s, this symbol has been used by the gay community in western society to claim equal opportunities and rights. Symbolize your pride in belonging to this collective or defend that we are all equal regardless of our sexuality.

8 Ball - Surely you know that the black ball is the last one to go into the hole in the game of billiards, and if you sink it before the other balls, you lose. So, billiard ball number 8 means that everything has good and bad to it, good luck or bad luck depending on which side you look at.

Bulldog - During the first World War, the bulldog was a symbol adopted by the American Marines, since the bulldog has a lot of strength. It symbolizes strength, although it is also used in memory of those soldiers who fought for freedom and lost their lives.

Black Bomb - The typical bomb with the fuse on it symbolizes that you are a dangerous person who can explode at others' stupidity at any moment.

Black Rose - The black rose is associated with those who hate the system, and it represents sadness and death.

Borneo Rose - This is a popular symbol among the Dayak people, natives of the region of Malaysia that bears the same name. In tattoos, Borneo roses show that you have overcome a very difficult battle in your life, but that you've survived and emerged successfully. It can be perfect for those who have overcome a deadly disease such as cancer.

Brahma - Brahma is the first God of the Trimurti and is a philosophical symbol representing creation. (Brahma is the Creator God).

Barbed Wire - Barbed Wire was invented to be able to delimit property and thus prevent animals from entering to graze and destroy crops. As a tattoo, it is used to symbolize that you have absolute control over every aspect of life. It is also frequently tattooed in prisons to remember the past at all times and to not repeat certain things in the future.

Biohazard Symbol - This is a symbol that appears in places where there is a certain radioactive danger. In many cases, this tattoo is used as an amulet to keep toxic people away.


Padlock - Padlocks are usually tattooed next to keys or a heart and symbolize that your love is not open to new people and that only your partner has the key to your heart. Also, if the lock is open, it can symbolize that we are always open and willing to find a new love.

Seahorse - This fish is known for many qualities, among which the strength of the horse and the power of the Sea stand out. In addition, since it can move each eye independently, it has become a symbol of vigilance. Of course, we could not forget its ability to change color, which also makes it a symbol of transformation and adaptation. Finally, in numerous cultures seahorses are a symbol of elegance and confidence.

Crocodile or Alligator - If we pay a little attention to the way these species have of hunting, it's easy to understand that they symbolize patience and hidden danger, as they appear out of nowhere and finish off their prey. If we translate this idea to human life, they can also symbolize the secrets that one day come to light and end up destroying us mercilessly.

Catholic Cross - The horizontal and vertical lines represent the Mother and Father. The point of intersection (where the two lines join) represents the connection between the material and the spiritual of human life.

Crane - The crane is believed to be one of the oldest birds on the planet, so, first and foremost, it symbolizes longevity. It is also a very intelligent and sensual bird, so it also bears these meanings. Also: elegance, peace, and a love of life.

Cheetah - The cheetah symbolizes focus, speed, acuteness, and intuition.

Sun Cross - In Indian culture or in other areas of Asia, this cross symbolizes the sunrise and sunset, and above all, the union of polarities.

Celtic Cross - First popularized by Christians in Ireland, nowadays this is a symbol used by many white supremacists to argue superiority over other races.

Odin’s Cross - This is simply a cross surrounded by a circle and is also used by white supremacists and racists.

Crab - The most important characteristic of the crab is that it has great external strength provided by its shell, but in turn, a great inner fragility. Having a tattoo that includes a crab can symbolize that you are a person with hidden emotions, someone who doesn't tend to show their feelings, but who is very sentimental.

Swan - This amazing bird has always been associated with gods and kings, and it symbolizes serenity and elegance. If you are a person who really values elegance in people, this may be a good option.

Playing Cards - The meaning depends on the card in question, and in many cases is somewhat subjective, although there are some cards that have an established meaning, such as the king of hearts, which brings luck.

Barcode - This is a tattoo whose goal is to criticize the capitalism of today's society, where the only mindset is to buy and throw away. Ideal for those who believe in a different lifestyle where everything is used to its full potential and has a second life.

Rabbit - Since ancient times, because of its characteristics, the rabbit has symbolized fertility, renewal, abundance, luxury, and sexuality. In traditional American and African culture, the rabbit is a manipulative, deceitful, and amoral character. In Japanese culture, it also does not have a good reputation, since they consider that this animal only seeks its own good and is too arrogant, which is why it always meets an unpleasant end.

Playboy Bunny - Symbolizes eroticism.

Che Guevara - A tattoo of Che Guevara is very common among those who idealize communism and still defend the revolution. Ideal for those who want to fight inequality. Something worth noting is that if you are gay, this is not a good option, since Che is the mastermind behind the creation of labor camps for homosexuals that had the aim of ending homosexuality, which he considered to be a disease.

Locks - Tattoos of keys, locks, or chains always possess a meaning of protection. This protection, in addition to protecting those around us, refers not only to the physical, but also to our protection from negative feelings.

Crucifix - A crucifix symbolizes devotion in response to the sacrifice of Jesus. It is a tattoo for Christians in honor of Jesus.

Deer - The deer is one of those animals that have multiple symbolisms, which in this case include luck and passion, light, purity, renewal, abundance, and longevity. It is perfect for people who feel that they are noble and faithful and people who know how to listen.

Crow - In ancient Celtic culture, the crow was an omen of death and trouble. The same was true in England, where hearing a crow caw meant bad times would come. ​​But in Asia, where this bird is known more deeply, they have a different perception; there, the crow is a symbol of eternal love and love for one's family. This is because crows usually spend their entire lives with a single mate and do their best to protect their young. It is also a symbol of intelligence, since the crow is the most intelligent bird that exists.

Cupid (Roman God of Love) - Receiving an arrow from Cupid was synonymous with finding love. He is a symbol that represents that you have already found love, or that you are simply someone who believes in love at first sight.

Squid - This magnificent sea creature is known for its intelligence, creativity, and flexibility. Why? This is true since the squid can change color and even detach a part of its body to avoid being captured by another sea creature. Anything to survive. Despite the problems that may arise, you must always move forward and continue living in the best possible way. That's what this sea creature teaches us.

Japanese Carp (Koi) - This Japanese symbol represents perseverance in the face of the difficulties that arise along the way. It's a perfect design if you're one of those people who won't stop until you reach your goals. In addition, this fish symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and longevity.

Rattlesnake - This snake is a symbol of fertility. It is also a symbol of power and death since it can end the life of other living beings whenever it wants.

Zen Circle (Ensō) - The small discontinuity that exists between the two points of the Ensō symbolizes the transition between life and death. The circle symbolizes that life always goes on.

Jackal - The Jackal is associated with death, since, as you all know, it feeds on dead animals.

Chrysanthemum - This flower is usually associated with royalty and decision. If you are a person who does not hesitate to make your own decisions and you have the ability to solve problems when they arise, this tattoo could be perfect.

Pig - In many Asian and African countries, having a pig is synonymous with wealth and prosperity, as it provides a certain social status. In China, the pig is also synonymous with fertility, abundance, and well-being. It is also an amulet that provides luck, and in some countries of Europe, where pigs are used to search for truffles, they symbolize intelligence and connection with the human being.

Cobra - These snakes symbolize youth. In India, the cobra is a sacred animal and symbol of power, and in Egypt, it had great importance to the point that it was venerated as several gods of Ancient Egypt.

Maltese Cross - Each of the eight points of this Cross symbolizes the qualities that a Knight must possess. It was used by the Templars as a symbol of the defense of Christian values.

Chains - This is a design that symbolizes that there is something in your life that holds you down and won't let you be who you are.

Lady Luck - This is a girl accompanied by dice, cards, and sometimes by a horseshoe. She is tattooed with the sole purpose of attracting luck.

celtic symbols


Goblins - Goblins are mythological beings that appear throughout medieval history and are troublesome characters who create problems wherever they go. It is a perfect design if you're one of those people always looking to make a little mischief, just for the sake of laughing and having a good time.

Dice - This tattoo can symbolize various things. First of all, it's perfect for people who are brave and take risks in their lives. These are people who believe in luck and need that uncertainty in their lives. On the other hand, it is also tattooed on people who only take risks when probability is on their side.

Dreamcatcher - Dreamcatchers were used by Native Americans with the intention of driving away evil spirits in dreams. The dreamcatcher is formed by a circle that captures bad dreams or nightmares and only allows the good ones to pass through it.

Dagger - Represents betrayal.

Demons (Devils or Satan) - They represent evil, lust, and betrayal. If the demon is a woman who is wearing sexy clothes, she symbolizes lust, pleasure, and temptation.

Dagger and Skull - A prison tattoo that means you have killed one or more people.

Egyptian symbols


Elephants - Revered in many different cultures, elephants are known for their great memory. They also symbolize protection of their young, even giving their own lives to achieve this purpose.

Beetles - Beetles symbolize the cycle and power of the sun, resurrection, and the afterlife. Beetles are very powerful protective amulets that always help souls on their journey to the afterlife. They are also used as a talisman to attract good luck and to protect life on Earth.

Elves and Goblins - These mythological creatures, known for their pointed ears and Celtic origin, are a symbol of fertility.

Crossed Swords - This symbol from the pirate era is associated with death and conflict between two opposing things or feelings.


Phoenix - The phoenix symbolizes immortality, renewal, and ease in adapting to change, as this bird is known for being reborn from its ashes when almost all is lost.

Flowers - Each flower, depending on its species, will have a different symbolism (here are 36 different flowers with their meanings), but there is something all of them have in common: they are symbols of beauty.

Fire - Fire usually symbolizes regeneration and purification, and that's because wherever fire acts, it burns everything that was and allows for new things to appear. 

Fruit - Fruit has always been a symbol of prosperity and abundance, although at other times it has been associated with temptation and gluttony (Eve). It has also sometimes been used to symbolize a love for good, healthy food.

Lighthouse - The lighthouse is a symbol of welcome, and it symbolizes protection and safety. In addition, as the lights tend to indicate which direction to go, it can represent that you are a person who knows your way and the direction you want to take in life.

aztec symbols


Rooster - The rooster's symbolism varies depending on the culture:

- In Chinese astrology, roosters are a symbol of intellect.

- Within the sailing circle, the rooster means that the bearer loves to sail and does not want to return to dry land.

- In the West, roosters are known for their pride and for their desire to fight. This can be a perfect design if you are one of those people who fights for what you want at every moment.

- In Buddhism, it is a symbol of passion.

Guitar - The guitar is tattooed to symbolize love for music.

Gargoyles - These mythological creatures are usually depicted in Gothic-style buildings and usually have an intimidating appearance in order to scare away evil spirits. Gargoyles are usually tattooed to show a love for Gothic art, or to scare away the evil spirits in our life, as a method of protection.

God Horus - Egyptian god with the body of a man and the head of a falcon. He is a symbol of protection.

God Osiris - Usually depicted in the form of a mummy, Osiris is the Egyptian god of fertility and afterlife.

God Ra - Another Egyptian god depicted with the body of a man and the head of a falcon. He symbolizes the Sun and the Sky.

God Quetzalcoatl - An Aztec god represented by a snake covered in feathers ("quetzal" means "feather" and "coatl" means snake). Like the Phoenix, he is associated with death and rebirth. Also, in Mexico, he is used to demand respect for native tribes.

God Vishnu - This Hindu god, with four arms and carrying a trident, symbolizes power and divinity.

God Ganesh - Hindu God with the body of a man and the head of an elephant. He is a symbol of protection and justice.

God Kintarō - This Japanese god is known for his strength and usually appears fighting alongside a Koi fish.

Goddess Benten - This Japanese Buddhist goddess is a symbol of good fortune and wisdom. She also symbolizes literature and the sea.

Goddess Isis - Greek goddess symbolizing control over the cosmos.

Goddess Kali - Four-armed Hindu Goddess symbolizing destruction. In a tattoo, she can also symbolize the feminine power that women have, the power that enables them to always achieve their goals.

God Krishna - Hindu goddess symbolizing divine love for all things.

Goddess Lakshmi - Four-armed Hindu goddess and wife of the god Vishnu. She symbolizes compassion in general and maternity in particular. If you are an empathetic person, this design is perfect for you.

Graffiti - Having a tattoo of graffiti represents your love for this street art. Generally speaking, this is the case, unless the graffiti itself has a meaning for you, which would completely change the significance.

Geisha - Geishas are Japanese women educated to simply entertain men. Contrary to what one might think, these are high-class women with sophisticated education. In some cases, they have been tattooed to show a stance against political correctness. Other times, it's just because the person with the tattoo likes Japanese culture.

Gnomes - These mythological beings come from the legends of northern Europe, and, like trolls, they like to live underground. That's why in many Swedish legends they are associated with the protection of the underground and all the treasures it hides.


Harley Davidson - These tattoos usually display the Harley Davidson logo or a US flag with the brand logo, and in both cases they symbolize freedom. This is the tattoo par excellence of bikers, and on many other occasions, these designs symbolize a defense an absence of rules.

Heart (organ) - This tattoo is often worn by people who have successfully completed a heart operation in the past.

Heart with a Dagger or Sword - This is usually used to symbolize that you are someone who has not had much luck in love and with your partners. It can also symbolize that you are a jealous person.

Heart in Flames - This image is used to symbolize and tell others that you are deeply in love or that you believe in love with all your might.

Heart Pierced by an Arrow - This symbolizes that the person with this tattoo has finally succumbed to love and is tremendously in love with their partner. It can also symbolize that this person is a bit of a lovebird, someone who has no problem falling in love again and again.

Vitruvian Man – The Vitruvian Man is the man who appears in Leonardo da Vinci's study of the ideal proportions of the human body. As a tattoo, it symbolizes harmony and perfection. It could be a good choice for those people who are always seeking perfection.

Ivy - Ivy is included in the depiction of several gods, including the Roman god of wine (Bacchus), as well as Osiris. Ivy symbolizes immortality.

Falcon - This is a bird admired for both its beauty and its strength. In many cases, it is tattooed to symbolize a love for one's motherland.

Sickle or Scythe – The scythe is the symbol of death par excellence, while the sickle alludes to communism. The scythe symbolizes that death is the only way to be reborn.

Harpies - Harpies are female demons with a beautiful appearance but with the body of a bird (wings and claws). This is a Greek mythological being that, according to legend, trapped the souls and spirits of men.


Icarus - This character from Greek mythology was a prisoner in a labyrinth from which he could not escape, so he built a pair of wings to be able to break free. However, his ambition was so great that, in the end, he kept flying higher and higher and got so close to the Sun that his wings melted and he crashed to the ground. He symbolizes the impulsiveness of youth to always do what they think is right (what their heart tells them), even if on many occasions it is not right.

Illuminati Symbol – People who choose these designs love everything related to occultism and conspiracy.


Jasmine - The jasmine flower's incredible beauty and intoxicating aroma have not gone unnoticed throughout history. That's why it has always been worshiped in many cultures. In Hinduism, the jasmine flower is the symbol of love, grace, and sensuality. In addition, its small white flowers symbolize modesty.

Jaguar - The jaguar represents superhuman powers and is a link between the mystical and the earthly. It is also a symbol of power and has shamanic qualities. That's why Jaguars were revered by Native tribes in the Americas.

Jester - Everyone knows these characters who made all the Kings of Europe laugh so much. It is a perfect design for funny, positive people who always have a joke in mind.


Kanji (Japanese Script) - The symbolism of kanji depends on the words or phrase in the tattoo.


Leopard - Leopard tattoos are perfect for showing your masculinity to the rest of the world. They symbolize strength, agility, quickness, endurance, and courage. In addition, African leopards have an extraordinary ability to hunt their prey, so if you are fond of hunting you can get this tattoo to symbolize that you're a good hunter.

Lion - Like leopards, lions symbolize strength and power. They also represent loyalty, and that is why the lion has been included on the flags of countries and regions on countless occasions. 

Lizard – We all know that if a lizard loses its tail, it will regenerate, and the lizard will have a new one in a matter of days. This is why a lizard symbolizes rebirth and renewal. In addition, because of the way it moves, the lizard is often a popular symbol among climbers.

Leprechauns - Leprechauns are mythological beings who appear constantly throughout Irish legends. They had the ability to fulfill the dreams of the people they crossed paths with. Leprechauns are a symbol of good luck and help in fulfilling your wishes.

Lilac - This flower is associated with chastity and purity. It is also associated with death, and this is why it is often used at funerals.

Parrot - A parrot tattoo has two possible meanings: 1. It symbolizes good communication, since parrots are the only living beings able to speak (aside from humans). 2. In Hinduism, the god of love, Kamadeva, has a parrot in her symbol, so the parrot can also be an amulet that helps us to triumph in love.

Flames - In a tattoo, the flames of a fire symbolize transformation, destruction, change, and passion. In other cultures, they also symbolize wishes, because like smoke, flames rise toward the heavens.

chinese zodiac sign symbols


Daisy - Daisies symbolize youth and rebirth (or renewal), although they are also a symbol of innocence.

Marijuana or Cannabis - In this case, we can find 2 different symbolisms. First of all, many people opt for this tattoo to show that they are regular consumers and that marijuana consumption is totally normal. There are other types of people who, even without being consumers, wear this symbol to stand for individual freedom and the legalization of drugs. It is more like a philosophy of life that seeks freedom and personal responsibility.

Praying Hands - This is one of the symbols most often used by gangs and convicts, and especially in the Catholic countries of South America, since this tattoo symbolizes communication with God. It is tattooed to avoid losing connection with God.

Medusa - This mythological character from Ancient Greece is a symbol of vigilance and protection. In fact, her own name in ancient Greek Μέδουσα translates as "guardian" and "protector". She is a woman with bright eyes hair made of snakes that makes her catch the eye and the attention of those who look at her. In a tattoo, she shows that you like to be seen and to be the center of attention.

Mickey Mouse - This Disney character is tattooed on people who feel melancholy for their youth and long for the happy times of their childhood.

Maze - A maze shows that you like complicated situations and you enjoy facing challenges.

Bat - Again, the symbolism depends on the culture with which we most identify: in the West, bats have a negative perception, and it is thought that bats have contributed to the spread of diseases such as Ebola. In the East and in Mayan culture, it is just the opposite, and the bat is a symbol of good luck.

Sailors - Sailors themselves often choose to tattoo images of sailors alongside anchors or sailing knots. It is just a symbol to show others that you belong to this particular group. If you are not a sailor, this tattoo would symbolize that you love the sea and that you cannot live far from it.

Motorcycle - Very common among motorcycle lovers, this tattoo symbolizes the sense of freedom that riding gives you. It's a feeling that only bikers experience. If you're a biker, you know what I mean.

Monkeys - Usually monkeys are smart, funny, resourceful, and loyal, but sometimes they're also a bit mischievous. Because of all this, the monkey has always been a very important animal in religion, mythology, and astrology. In the Chinese zodiac, the monkey is connected with opportunism. If you're an opportunistic person, a monkey tattoo is perfect for you.

Madonna - The face of the Queen of Pop in a tattoo usually means that you're a reflective person who likes to think through everything you do. She is also a symbol of femininity and feminine wisdom.

Theater Masks (Comedy and Tragedy) - On the one hand, theater masks represent classical Greek theater and its two genres, which are comedy and tragedy. Most people who opt for this tattoo do so because of their love of the performing arts. It's also a very popular design in prisons, as it represents duality (life and death).

Easter Island Moai - These sculptures made of stone symbolize mysterious, esoteric, and extraterrestrial life, since after numerous scientific studies it has not been possible to discover their origin.

Skunk - In the world of tattoos, the skunk is associated with personal protection and respect for oneself. It is also a symbol of patience in the face of potential complicated situations. It always tends to wait for things to calm down, and if there is no other option, then it emits that incredibly fetid smell that we all already know. In addition, this awful smell does no harm to other species, and this also makes it a symbol of peace, or a symbol that you are against violence except when attacked.

Death - Death is usually depicted as a skeleton with a black hood, although there are other symbols that also reference death, such as a skull. In this case, they symbolize, among other things, fear of other human beings.

Apples - Apples symbolize sensuality and sexuality, love, fertility, sin, and temptation.

Musician Kokopelli - Kokopelli is the God of fertility in Native American mythology. It's also a perfect symbol for those who think that there is no better communication than music.

Mace - This star-shaped weapon, also known as Satan's star, originated in the Middle Ages and was used as an instrument of torture and to inflict pain. It has no meaning of its own, but it's usually tattooed on those who still believe that violence is a method to correct those who do not do things right or follow the rules.


Eye of Horus - This symbol from Ancient Egypt is a symbol of protection and will protect those who wear it on their body. Perfect to prevent your enemies from hurting you.

OM Symbol - For Hindus and Buddhists, this represents the sound of God's breath. It is a symbol widely used by people who believe in the pursuit of concentration and harmony as a lifestyle.

Orchids - These flowers have the ability to adapt to what surrounds them. An orchid tattoo symbolizes that you are a person who adapts to all circumstances.

Oni (Japanese Folklore) - This ogre has two horns and represents strength and the irrational.

Omega - This is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and is always associated with the end of things and the ephemeral. If tattooed next to the letter Alpha, it symbolizes eternity and that which never ends (like the infinity symbol).

All-seeing Eye (Eye of God) - This is the famous eye that appears on dollar bills. In many cases, it can represent the sixth sense or the spirit. In other cultures, it is usually an amulet to scare away evil spirits.


Duck - Adored by the Indians of North America, the duck is a symbol of patience and tranquility. In Celtic culture, the duck symbolized honesty and simplicity and was revered both for its beauty and for its ability to adapt to the environment in which it lives.

Panther - Panthers are known for their ferocity and agility, and that is why it they are a symbol of strength and courage.

Black Panther - The black panther symbolizes the fight for the equal rights, freedom, and opportunities of the black race in the United States.

Pentagram or 5-pointed Star - This has always been an important symbol in magic and witchcraft and is tattooed for protection, just like in witchcraft.

Catfish - It is popular belief that these fish with large whiskers bring luck. If you have not had much luck so far in your life, this may be a good option to change that situation.

Feathers - A lone feather symbolizes the ability to fly high, on a spiritual as well as emotional level. It is a perfect design if you are one of those people who works in art or music and needs inspiration. In the case of several feathers, their meaning will depend on the bird to which they belong, taking on the symbolism of the bird in question.

Pegasus - This winged horse from Greek mythology symbolizes agility and loyalty.

Parakeet - This bird symbolizes intelligence and good use of words. If you're someone who thinks that expressing yourself well is essential, this is your tattoo.

Fish - In Europe, the fish is considered a symbol of wisdom, although it is also associated with fertility.

Koi Fish - This colorful Japanese carp possesses the ability to swim upstream, even up waterfalls. That's why this fish symbolizes perseverance and courage in the face of adversity.

Goldfish - The goldfish is a symbol of happiness, freedom, and spontaneity, feelings that are the result of having received and understood the teachings of Buddha.

Octopus - This is one of the creatures most strongly linked with sailing myths and legends. It can represent everything, both the terrible and the peaceful.

Pyramids - The pyramids are associated with wisdom and are a symbol of connection with the past. It is very common among people fond of Egyptology.

Puma - This animal is admired for its discreteness, speed, strength, intelligence, and above all, for the way it protects its young. That's why people tend to get puma tattoos - on the one hand, to show that they are independent, and on the other hand, because they want to show others that they'll do everything it takes to protect their children.


Frog - During the Middle Ages, the frog was a reptile loaded with hidden connotations, and it was associated with the realm of magic and witchcraft. In the early stages of Christianity, it was considered to be a sign of evil.

R. I. P.  - This acronym comes from the Latin "requiescat in pace" and is translated "rest in peace", referring to those who have died. These initials are usually engraved on tombs and sometimes on crucifixes. In Spanish, the acronym is translated as D. E. P. These tattoos are used to commemorate the death of someone important in our life who is no longer among us.

Rat - In a tattoo, a rat symbolizes intelligence and cunning. In countries like Spain, rats represent people who love to save. If you are someone who believes that saving is very beneficial for your family's future, this tattoo is perfect for you.

Pirate Ship - Pirate ships symbolize freedom and rebellion against something unjust.

Queen (Cards) – This card represents female energy, and that's why this motif is often used by members of the gay community who demand greater influence for female figures in power.

King of Hearts - This card is the most important card in poker, and that's why when the King of Hearts is in a tattoo, it's associated with luck. In addition, since the image includes hearts, it is also associated with love. In short, if you want to be lucky in love, the King of Hearts is your tattoo.

Runes symbols


Sun and Moon - Just like yin and yang, this motif symbolizes the connection of opposites, such as cold and heat.

Sailboat - Sailboats are usually depicted with clouds and birds flying in the sky, and they tend to represent the pride, love, and freedom that a sailboat brings, since you do not depend on anyone to move, only upon the free wind.

Stars - Almost always used as a decorative motif, although at other times they symbolize astral connections.

Samurai - These Japanese warriors were known worldwide for their incredible discipline, their warrior spirit, and their great experience and good swordsmanship. They were also renowned for their courage, loyalty, and dedication, since they even committed suicide for the benefit of the group.

Peace Symbol - Usually used by those who have total peace as an inner philosophy. In addition, these tattoos are very common among prison inmates to let other inmates know that they are peaceful and don't want problems.

Shark - Sharks symbolize power, strength, and courage. Many people who work at sea, such as fishermen, often get tattoos of sharks, not only because of their love for this powerful creature, but because a shark tattoo also symbolizes that you are not afraid to die at sea. 

Spider Web - This symbol has several meanings, although all of them are related to the situation of being trapped. For example, a spider web can symbolize a fight against drug addiction or being caught in something from which it's impossible to escape, such as an economic or political system. For a number of years, this has been a symbol widely used by racists and xenophobes who were against immigrants.

Sword - The sword has multiple symbolisms. To begin with, as it is the weapon of the warrior, it represents military honor and the fight for values and justice. It also represents freedom and strength. If the sword is surrounded by fire, it is a symbol of purification.

Statue of Liberty - This statue was a gift from the French government, and, as its name suggests, it symbolizes freedom. For many, it also represents the American dream, where individuals, by their own hard work, can achieve what they set out to do.

Spirals - Usually found on Irish tombs, the spiral represents the connection of the underworld, the earthly world, and the celestial world.

Swastika - The swastika or Nazi cross, also known as the hooked cross, dates back much farther and was already used in other cultures before its appropriation by the Nazi regime. Despite this, these tattoos are always associated with Nazism.

Inverted Swastika - This is the same Nazi swastika but drawn upside down. It is a symbol present in Hinduism and represents peace and harmony.

Scorpion - For its ability to kill even human beings, the scorpion has always been perceived as a symbol of revenge and power. It is also used by those who share the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Starfish - The starfish is a protective symbol for sailors who spent a lot of time at sea. It is a symbol that will help us on our path to achieve our goal.

Female Symbol (Cross and Circle) - This well-known symbol hearkens back to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who represents beauty and femininity.

Gay Symbols - If you belong to this group, you can show your sexuality with the rainbow flag, or you can also use two intertwined male or female symbols if you identify as male or female.

Male symbol (circle and arrow) - Refers to masculinity. Some men use it to make clear that they're heterosexual.

Skulls - Skulls usually symbolize death and terror, an ideal tattoo for those who know that death may be very close but do not care.

Sugar Skull - These are very famous skulls in Mexico, and they serve to remember a deceased loved one who is no longer with us.

Satan - This figure exists in most western religions and is the primary embodiment of evil. He is also often given other names such as Beelzebub, Asmodeus (King of all demons), Lucifer, and Mephistopheles, among others.

Sacred Heart - This symbol is drawn as a heart with a crown of thorns and represents the heart of Christ and divine love for him.


Tarantulas - Tarantulas are creatures that cause terror everywhere they go, and that is why this is a perfect design if your intention is to cause fear and terror in your enemies.

Tigers – These animals are famous in all cultures for their strength and for the color of their skin that makes them one of the most beautiful animals in the world. As for their spiritualism, tigers symbolize power, passion, sensuality, beauty, and speed. On the other hand, they also symbolize cruelty and rage like the predators they are.

Toad - A toad in a tattoo symbolizes a love for drug use, but always with intelligence.

Tikis - Tikis (or Hei Tikis) are statues of human-shaped fetuses that come from the Maori culture of New Zealand. They are very popular among Maori women, as they symbolize fertility.

Tears - Tears are very popular in prisons, especially in those of South America. In prison code, tears mean that you are a person who is afraid and who wants to avoid any conflict inside the prison.

Tortoises - Tortoises are famous for their longevity, their calmness when they walk, their patience with each action, and for having a shell that protects them from unexpected obstacles. The latter makes this a perfect symbol for those seeking protection. You can also tattoo a tortoise if you are a calm and cool person who thinks everything through before doing it. In Chinese culture, the tortoise symbolizes strength, endurance, fertility, and longevity.

Totems - Totems represent the powers of animals and their influence on human life. They are symbols that provide protection.

Radiation Trefoil (symbol of radioactivity) - This is a symbol known throughout the world as a synonym for danger. It is used in hazardous areas with high radioactive risk to humans, such as Chernobyl. In a tattoo, it symbolizes that you are a person to be careful around, someone to always treat with respect, because you can become very dangerous if someone does not treat you with enough respect.

Pink Triangle - The pink triangle is a symbol associated with the gay community and the Gay Pride Festival. It symbolizes sexual liberalization and was chosen because Nazism initially used it to discriminate against the homosexual community.

Triskele Spiral - The triskele or trisquelion is a three-legged spiral shape. (In Greek, "triskeles" means three legs). In Celtic culture, the triskele symbolizes the past, present, and future. It also represents the balance between body, mind, and spirit, beginning and end, evolution, and growth. Not to mention learning.

Trolls - Trolls are mythical creatures from Scandinavian folklore. Their biggest feature is that they can become invisible and even change their shape at any time. This is why trolls symbolize the unexpected and serve to remind us that anything can happen in our life, and we must be alert. Many other people use trolls as an amulet so that unexpected bad things will not happen to them.

Badger - The Badger has always been considered a very wise animal, and for many people, it is the balance between what lies underground and what is above it.

Tomahawk (Ax) - A weapon used by Native Americans against the white invaders. In a tattoo, this is a symbol of admiration for those who fought against white supremacy.

Chinese letters


One Percent (1%) - This tattoo is somewhat special to me because I love the world of motorcycles. It's a tattoo worn by bikers in the United States to refer to the fact that only 1% of the world's bikers are criminals and part of dangerous gangs, and that the rest are people with no connection to the world of crime who just love their bikes and the biker lifestyle.

Ouroboros (Uroboros) - This is a symbol that shows a snake eating its own tail. It symbolizes eternity, that which never ends.

Grapes - Grapes are usually tattooed in bunches and not individually. These fruits are associated with the Greek god of wine Dionysius and are mainly tattooed among people who defend a hedonistic stance on life or, on the other hand, are lovers of wine culture.


Vampire - Eroticism has always been an essential part of these creatures, and that's why vampire tattoos symbolize seduction and heightened sexual desire.

Vikings - The Vikings come from the Nordic countries, and in history, they are remembered for their sea voyages and their cruelty when invading countries. They were so feared that even the inhabitants of the places being invaded ceded and stopped fighting for the fear of facing the Vikings.

Black Widow - This is undoubtedly the deadliest spider of them all, and it's usually a popular design among goths. It symbolizes female power.


Wings - Wings symbolize peace and love and the point of union between Earth and Heaven (the human and the divine). Wings allow us to fly, so they also symbolize freedom and the liberation that allows us to escape from any problematic situations. They also have other meanings:

- Wings symbolize that this person will always follow their heart and will always seek to be in love in the future.

- They symbolize protection and salvation.

- In heraldic symbols, they represent courage and bravery.

Wings with a Heart - This is clearly related to love. It could not be otherwise, since it includes a heart. It symbolizes belief in love above all else.

Angel with Three Pairs of Wings - Dignity and honor.

Whales - Whales symbolize wisdom and love for one's family.

Witches - Witches symbolize belief in the esoteric, spells, and black magic.

Water - Water is one of the four basic elements of the Earth, and it symbolizes tranquility if the waters are still or anxiety if the waters are in motion.

Wild boar - In Greek mythology, these animals had a privileged place because of their ferocity, strength, and destructive power. In addition, as the boar has often attacked human beings, it is tattooed to symbolize being against hunting animals as trophies.


XXX - This usually represents love for pornography (not too common), although the main symbolism is a love of alcohol, since the triple X has on many occasions been depicted on alcohol bottles.

777 - Let's remember that these numbers usually provide the biggest prize on casino machines. It's tattooed as an amulet to attract good luck.


Yantra - Yantra is a compound word formed by "yam" (retain the essence so that it does not escape) and "tra", which means instrument. In Hinduism, the yantra represents the universe, and it is an instrument that allows us to establish a connection with the divine beings necessary to improve our spiritual situation and our inner good. If we look at the yantra, peace of mind is achieved when our eyes have focused on the center of the symbol, so it also symbolizes concentration and being focused on a goal.


Fox - This animal is known for its cunning, intelligence, and agility. It is a good tattoo for those who share these characteristics and consider themselves cunning and agile.

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