The Taurus Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | November 01 2022

The Taurus Woman

Taurus women are the most mysterious and sensual women of the zodiac. They have no shortage of suitors, because deeper than their physical appearance, they have something that not even they know quite what it is. The Taurus woman is a sincere person who generally does not weigh her words and almost always says what she's thinking, which can sometimes be a problem, since on many occasions she can hurt others without meaning to. On other occasions, she has the very good quality of being able to keep quiet and not say offensive things, depending on the topic.

Taurus is a very pragmatic woman, with powerful emotional intelligence and common sense. Before making a decision, she analyzes all the variables in a practical way, which makes her an ideal worker. She also has great value as a counselor among her friends.

With a great sense of organization, she works methodically to achieve her goals. Her element is Earth, which means she almost always has her feet on the ground. She is a very rational being, although sometimes she gets swept up in the spiritual.

Very attached to traditions, she doesn't like changes or innovations very much. She also doesn't like to attract attention. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight at a party or big event.

Friendly and warm, her friends can count on her. She is always there for them when they need her.

The Taurus woman feels happy enjoying the simple pleasures of life: friends, family, travel, books, sharing a good wine... However, she is afraid to lack material things, so she works so that she doesn't have to depend on anyone.

In Love

The Taurus woman is a big romantic who does not commit lightly. Short-lived flings are not for her. She seeks to build a strong and lasting relationship. Preferably, she'll choose a serious partner who can provide her with the stability and safety she needs.

She appreciates tender gestures such as hugs, because they make her feel secure.

She falls in love with sensitive and simple men. She prefers the stability of an honest and sincere relationship. She steers clear of unstable relationships, uncertainty, and from people who aren't sure what they are looking for.

When she thinks she has found the right person, she begins to think about the future, which can scare off her partners. Not all men are willing to go so fast. She dreams of starting a family with the man she loves.

She's possessive, and she won't stand infidelities - in fact, she can't even stand the suspicion of a possible affair. She wants her partner by her side, no matter what. Sometimes she can be a little insecure, and this leads her to imagine things that aren't there. Behaviors like these can cause problems in her relationships and even breakups.

How to seduce a Taurus woman and make her fall in love with you?

To win the heart of a Taurus woman, you should not rush her. She needs to feel completely safe before embarking on a relationship.

If for some reason she doubts the sincerity of her partner's feelings, she will end the relationship. She doesn't like intolerant men, but appreciates them being open to dialog.

She loves having her partner surprise her with small gestures, such as a weekend getaway, a romantic evening in an idyllic place, or a candlelit dinner. She's very sentimental and values these intimate moments.

For the relationship to last, her partner must share the same family values as her. Her goal is to start a family.

She dreams of a simple and quiet but comfortable life. To flourish, Taurus woman needs security, both materially and in terms of morale. She cannot lack any of this.

The Taurus Woman In Bed

This woman does not separate sexuality from feelings. She likes physical contact, but there must be something beyond the body that attracts her to the person she is with. However, when she feels safe and in love, she gives herself without hesitation.

She demands a lot from her partner during sex. She wants him to make her feel total pleasure and strive to know her weak spots in bed. Generous, she gives him back a hundred times what he gives her.

Despite being quite classic, she's not against acting out any erotic fantasies her partner may have.

As a partner, the Taurus woman knows how to keep the flame of desire alive. Over time, she discovers her partner's most ardent fantasies, and the sex between them gets better and better.

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