The Gemini Man in Bed: What Is He Like Sexually?

Manuel GarManuel G | November 01 2022

Gemini Man in Bed

Today we discover what sex with the Gemini man is like, what he likes, what he hates, and his personality in bed according to sexual astrology.

The Gemini man is tireless when it comes to making love, but he is not the typical passionate and hardworking lover. Being a dual sign, in bed he has two roles, that of lover and observer. When he wants to, he can provide immense pleasure to any woman, since he knows very well what to do to make them tremble between the sheets.

It is not the art of making love that excites the Gemini man, but rather the idea of sharing a unique moment between two people. He focuses on seeking his partner's pleasure, but at the same time he takes advantage of the sexual act to study and develop his technique. That's why he prefers to do it with the lights on, and if he can, surrounded by mirrors. He wants to see how everything happens from different angles and perspectives.

Porn stimulates him a lot, so don't hesitate to propose something to him sometimes before you start having sex.

Oral sex is not Gemini's favorite, but fortunately, he loves other types of games. He enjoys foreplay a lot and always spends a lot of time playing before culminating the sexual act. He likes short encounters - not lengthy in time, but always with effort. He likes the final satisfaction to be worth the effort.

His Hidden Sex Life

The Gemini man has tricks to get women to sleep with him. He's one of those who makes love anywhere, without the need for a bed. He wants to satisfy his curiosity more than satisfy his partner, but women do not realize this.

He's a narcissist, he knows what to say to women, and his specialty is those who feel deceived or mistreated by men. He likes to create a romantic atmosphere, but he can be very selfish, so our recommendation is that you shouldn't trust a Gemini man too much.

He likes to seduce a lot of women. He's sincere, but only if you put him on the spot. His feelings and opinions may change from one minute to the next.

This man has no fear in sharing a bed with others of the same sex, and group sex really excites him. Variety and weirdness stimulate him. He likes to watch others masturbate while making love. Some Geminis are dirty perverts. They are also very fond of games with sprays and erotic oils.

If he needs to use accessories to get the pleasure he needs, he will.

As a dual sign, some Geminis may have bisexual tendencies. Gemini likes to experiment with his partner and sometimes even likes to enjoy sex that's a little rough.

Energetic and always active, this man will not be in the same place for long. Or close to the same person. Nervous and tense, he lives restlessly waiting for the next change.

He's always contradictory, and it can be difficult for a woman to determine whether she likes him or not. He doesn't like to show his true feelings either. He makes it difficult for those who want to love him, but he's fun and it's nice to spend time with him.

Don't try to set a schedule for your Gemini man. He won't respect it because he hates to be tied down to anything rigid and predetermined.

The Gemini Man in Other Aspects of Life

An expert conversationalist, this guy talks a lot and shows himself to be cultured when he expresses himself, regardless of the topic at hand. You'd be fooling yourself if you think you can conquer him with words alone. Speaking is one of his most powerful weapons.

He doesn't get tired when he talks, just like in every aspect of life. He jumps from one topic of conversation to another. But that doesn't mean what he says doesn't make sense. He's too smart to talk nonsense.

Gemini is one of the most intellectual zodiac signs. The man born under Gemini understands what others say constantly, and he has a life force that carries him. He is imaginative and sometimes forgets to be practical, and others can take advantage of this opportunity and beat him to the finish line. But he has confidence in himself and doesn't care that another man may be ahead of him, as he will have more opportunities.

He likes to be in love. He'll fall in love when he finds someone he likes a little more than usual. But things aren't so beautiful with a Gemini man, as he doesn't like to give up his independence for a woman. He's bored with routine and always seeks to demonstrate his intellectual abilities.

Don't be his prey if you like him. He wants a woman who resists him a little. Also, don't get angry if he takes too long to ask you out. One of his shortcomings is his indecision. He also has strong mood swings and is very unpredictable. That's because he's always changing.

If you're a good friend of a Gemini, you probably already know that he's a great counselor. He knows how to find solutions, but he doesn't like being told what to do.

He makes good plans and is not good at criticizing others. However, even though he plans things well, it's very difficult for him to have control of his money. It's like the money shouldn't be in his hands for long. He is the sign in which you will find both certainty and uncertainty at the same time.

He's contradictory and strange, but that's how Gemini normally is. Because of his impressive level of energy, many people will be blown away by him. It's hard for this man to grow up. He'll always find ways to have a great time and enjoy life more.

Despite being with many women, the Gemini man doesn't give much importance to love. He likes to chase women just because it amuses him, exploring new things.

He doesn't have enough of a sexual appetite to go out looking for women like a hunter. During the beginning of the relationship, he is the best lover and the best partner, but his cravings for change will quickly transform him and he'll get bored.

When it comes to emotions, Gemini is superficial. If you're thinking about having something serious with this man, be careful. Although he's fun, he's not one of the most reliable signs with whom to plan your future.

Edited by Melissa K.