Who are your best friends according to your zodiac sign?

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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Friendships are valuable and often help us meet the challenges of our daily lives. However, we do not have the same affinity with each of the astrological signs. Find out below what signs you are likely to befriend...

1. Aries

Aries need movement and variety in their relationships. They don't waste time with people who aren't worth it, but quickly identify those who fit well into their lives. Your best friends are: Gemini and Aquarius

- Aries and Gemini: You go through many twists and turns; your friendship will be dynamic and flourishing. Sharing common ideas, perceptions and passions will stimulate your relationship. You have a strong sense of connectedness and a touch of madness that unites you.

- Aries and Aquarius: With a shared desire for freedom, friendship between these two signs will surely work well. Aquarius will be fascinated by the eloquence of Aries, while the latter will be charmed by the finesse and elegance of the Aquarius.

2. Taurus

Taurus is a person you can trust at all times. Self-sacrificing, caring, and attentive, Taurus will not hesitate to support you in difficult times. Your best friends are: Pisces and Cancer

- Taurus and Pisces: These two signs complement each other. In fact, the more realistic side of Taurus will help Pisces keep their head on their shoulders. With their fervor, Pisces will bring a little liveliness to the relationship.

- Taurus and Cancer: These two signs have an identical way of seeing life. Sharing common passions unites them and strengthens the relationship they have. They will manage to build a strong friendship that will withstand the test of time.

3. Gemini

Geminis are sociable signs, usually very open to encounters. Their excellent adaptability allows them to get along with a large number of people who really appreciate them. Your best friends are: Aries and Leo

- Gemini and Leo: You will get along very well; you are both dynamic, and you're eager to share adventures. You have the same expectations of your friendships.

- Gemini and Aries: Excellent understanding between these two signs. They tend to build a solid friendship that will weather the twists and tuns that will occur in your relationship. Aries will be there to help Gemini any time they need it.

4. Cancer

You are known for being a faithful friend and for having great regard for your own. Those born under the sign of Cancer usually engage with great interest and vivacity. You are very loyal, and you believe that friendships should be lasting. Your best friends are: Taurus and Gemini

- Cancer and Gemini: Your relationship with Gemini is excellent. You will spend a lot of time laughing. Always there for each other, whether having fun or supporting one another.

- Cancer and Taurus: Between you two, a promising friendship forms; in fact, you understand each other perfectly. You have common interests and hobbies, you see life the same way, and you share a number of leisure activities.

5. Leo

Leo has many friends. In a friendship, it is often Leo who leads, always suggesting a lot of activities. You will never get bored with Leo. A jokester by nature, Leo is also very generous. They like to please those who care about them. Leo likes to make decisions, but hates things or people resisting them. Your best friends are: Gemini and Libra.

- Leo and Gemini: You can become very good friends because you complement each other perfectly, each bringing to the other the character traits that they lack. You have a shared need for fun.

- Leo and Libra: Friendship will last between this Air sign and this Fire sign. You will have a relationship where you complement one another well. Your mutual interest in the outings will give you something to build your relationship on. Generally on the same page, you will share a long road together.

6. Virgo

You don't like everyone. Like anyone who is organized, you like to keep in touch with your friends and see them on a regular basis. Your friends are not people with static lives - on the contrary, you like people who you can go out, cultivate yourself, and have fun with. Your best friends are: Libra and Sagittarius.

- Virgo and Libra: You have excellent points in common, and you love to spend hours gossiping about anything and everything. These moments of banter strengthen your friendly bond.

- Virgo and Sagittarius: Tolerance is the key word in your relationship. You can become excellent friends, thanks to your loyalty that will withstand any challenge.

7. Libra

You're a pretty outgoing person, with great social skills. In fact, you love having many friends, and you find it easy to make them. Always a fan of new friendships, you love to go out, have fun and enjoy life. Your best friends are: Leo and Sagittarius

- Libra and Leo: You know how to value each other, looking at the good things in your friendship. A friendship that lasts forever, with a shared desire to please, which sometimes pushes you into rivalry.

- Libra and Sagittarius: A very good friendship, since you are very complementary - neither of the two intends to impose themselves. With a rather thoughtful temperament, you balance the most fiery and uncontrolled behavior of Sagittarius.

8. Scorpio

You are always available to help and support your friends when they need it. You can be trusted, and you have the power to reassure those around you. Your best friends are: Taurus and Aries

- Scorpio and Taurus: You have a lot in common. Once you've established your friendship, it will become stronger and stronger. Inseparable, together you will together any unforeseen circumstance that arises in your friendship.

- Scorpio and Aries: You both have an open mind. Your curiosity allows you to get to know yourself and the other, while enjoying unforgettable conversations. A difficult friendship to break.

9. Sagittarius

With Sagittarius as a friend, you will have to ramp up your energy, dynamism, and spontaneity. Sagittarius is always willing to go out and take trips. This makes them one of the best kinds of friends. But for Sagittarius to accept you, you have to keep up with their pace. Your best friends are: Libra and Aquarius

- Sagittarius and Libra: There is a deep understanding between these two signs. Very open-minded, Sagittarius often motivates Libra to do things and get out of the rut. Sagittarius is the typical friend who tends to almost always take the initiative.

- Sagittarius and Aquarius: Aquarius appreciates the positive and stimulating attitude of Sagittarius. Full of good advice, they know how to communicate their enthusiasm. However, Sagittarius will have to learn to channel their energy so as not to get too carried away and lose that initiative that they're known for.

10. Capricorn

You are demanding - you choose your friendships with skill and good judgment. In fact, rather solitary by nature, you do not like too many people to interfere in your life. Your friends are usually people who are on the same wavelength as you and have the same way of seeing life. Your best friends are: Aries and Virgo

- Capricorn and Aries: Your character traits are similar. You will build a good friendship, since you are united by a very strong bond. Despite the dangers you will face, nothing will shake your solid friendship.

- Capricorn and Virgo: You will never argue and never be unfaithful to each other. Virgo will reassure Capricorn, while Capricorn will bring realism to the relationship.

11. Aquarius

You make friends easily, but rarely enter into a deep relationship. You like to have an intellectual connection with your friends, and you like them to agree with your ideas. Your best friends are: Leo and Capricorn

- Aquarius and Leo: Perhaps this is the only connection that can lead to a long and beautiful friendship. A Leo friend will provide you with nothing but satisfaction.

- Aquarius and Capricorn: You can develop a real bond with a Capricorn, founded on mutual appreciation. You respect each other very much. Aquarius is very human and serious. Each of you values the other.

12. Pisces

You are a person who is very involved in your relationships, totally focused on others. Attentive and caring, you are usually perceived as a pleasant person and easy to trust. Your best friends are: Taurus and Leo

- Pisces and Taurus: Your friendship is fruitful. It's that simple: you like each other. You always have something to tell each other, you both share a certain imaginativeness. Together, you are guaranteed never to get bored.

- Pisces and Leo: You have everything you need to get along, and your intense relationship will stand the test of time. Leo brings strength and brilliance, while Pisces brings calm and serenity. You both express your feelings very spontaneously. This is the key to your mutual understanding.

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