What Kind of Friend Are You According to Your Sign?

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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Your astrological sign influences different aspects of your personality and how you behave in love or friendship.

It seems that your astrological sign, aside from in your romantic relationships, your professional career, and your role as a mother, also has an impact on your conduct in friendships. This is the opinion of several experts from the astrological world, and today we bring you the results of numerous studies that have recently come to light.


You are brave, impulsive, and make friends quickly and easily. If others do not go with the flow of your abundant energy, you don't mind, you continue to move forward without them. You tend to want to control your friends and like to decide whether you want to see them and when.

When you're with your friends, you devote all your attention to them and are willing to change (if your authoritarian behavior bothers them, for example). You really value your friends, but you don't feel obligated to put in effort on a daily basis to keep them. Even so, they tend to influence your daily life.


Like almost all Tauruses, you are someone to be trusted, and that is something that is also true when we talk about friendship. You are a loyal friend, and you keep very long-lasting friendships. You are relaxed and patient, at least with friends, which makes you a very attentive person who everyone perceives is worthy of trust.

Sometimes you have personality incompatibilities that push you back when you're not comfortable. Instead of dealing with people who are not like you, you prefer to spend time with your real friends. Tauruses are not very talkative, and this is why you appreciate your friends even more when they trust you.


You are what is called a social connector. That is, you are often the creator of friendships and you are always in the center of your groups of friends. You are the person who encourages and unites people.

Other times you may feel a little out of place, as it's often difficult to plan in advance to spend an evening with you, because you prefer to wait till the last minute to make sure no better plans come up. However, once you say yes, you don't go back on your word.

You have a large circle of friends, but in general, only two or three people "really" know you. You can count on them and they know they can count on you too - that's what makes your friendships long-lasting.


You are probably considered the "mom" of your group of friends. You consider them all part of your family. You're super generous in friendship and like to organize activities to meet up with friends.

The flip side of this overflowing and unconditional love is that as soon as one of your friends says or does something you don't like, it affects your relationship with that person. That is, if someone doesn't include you in a plan, you do the same to him or her. For you, friendship is unconditional and reciprocal.


You are a generous and loyal friend, and you like to feel like you're surrounded by people. Actually, you're usually happier when you're the center of attention. This overload of social trust gives you, from time to time, an authoritarian streak.

Although you understand that others also need love, this does not prevent you from wanting to be the number one and to always be on your friends' minds.

You are a friend who likes to spend time with others, thanks to (among other things) your boundless humor and your ability to listen to others. When your friends are a little depressed, you know how to motivate them like a true psychologist.


You are a calm and kind person. Sometimes your shyness prevents you from taking the first step and making new friends, but once the ice has been broken, you're loyal and always give good advice. You like to take care of your friends and feel that your small (and big) kindnesses strengthen your bond. However, to feel loved, in fair reciprocity, you need your loved ones to be at least as attentive to you as you are to them. This is what makes your friendships last almost forever.

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You're a very sociable person who likes to please others and to be surrounded by your group of friends. Even those who are not close friends consider you to be just, diplomatic, and kind. You are the one who listens to others, advises them and moderates when there's conflict.

On the other hand, your sociability sometimes makes you shoot yourself in the foot: for example, it's very difficult for you to keep a secret. But when you reveal secrets, it is never with the intent to harm, but quite the opposite.


While at first glance you may seem like a solitary, undomesticated person, you are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. You like to do things yourself, you are happy with solo evenings on the couch, you love to spend time with your close friends who share your values. This creates strong and almost indestructible bonds with your friends.

The problem is that you have a very hard time with disappointments. Once you've been wounded, it's impossible to rebuild friendship.


You are funny, adventurous, an explorer, and a lover of freedom. You're quite creative and like to make friends. You like that your friends turn to you to solve their problems. Friends who are too attentive and who always put you to the test aren't your thing. You are very direct and honest and do not like to beat around the bush (especially with your friends).


You are an ambitious person, and you like your friends to be like you. You prefer those who are prestigious professionals and people with whom you can talk about things that interest you. In return you give long-lasting loyalty and friendship. Sometimes you have difficulties with people who are too spontaneous or who do not think things through.


Your astrological sign is the friend par excellence. Social media is your passion, and your friends (however many they may be) value your modern vision and independent nature. Sometimes you may take a break with certain friendships for a while because you're very independent. This does not prevent you from being loyal and empathetic. You often realize when your friends need help and you're the first to give them the support they need.

On the other hand, you almost never show your emotions: you don't cry in public to avoid the risk of showing your feelings.


You are a compassionate and kind soul. You would help anyone who needed it, especially if that person is your friend. However, sometimes some people take advantage of your kind nature, and that's why you are wary when it comes to making friends with someone new.

You are one of those people who keep childhood friends all their lives and continue to see them regularly. They appreciate your spiritual and intuitive ideas. On the other hand, you have trouble making new friends, for fear of disappointments.

Edited by Melissa K.