The 4 Signs That Give the Most in a Relationship

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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There are some zodiac signs that are more inclined to have a relationship and live a passionate romance than others.

Using the astrological chart, it is possible to determine certain capacities that individuals have, and it is even possible to predict their behavior in love. Read on and discover the signs that are most devoted to love and how they behave in a relationship.


They tend to develop interest in other people very quickly, which is a relevant quality. When they like someone, they give themselves unconditionally and exclusively, putting their all into the relationship.


This is another sign who gives themselves over to love with decisiveness and ease, unafraid to start a new relationship. They are willing to offer security, protection, and fidelity to the other person. It is an ideal sign to have a comfortable partner.


They usually don't stop and don't look back when it comes to love. From the moment they are interested in someone, they start to bring out the best in themselves to attract that person. They also tend to be intense in love.


Cancer is the last sign on this list and is another one that is always ready to open their heart and live a passionate romance. They like to protect their partner at all times, offer them comfort, and give them as much attention as possible.

What is the most faithful sign?

Due to their element and their planet's alignment, Taurus can be said to be one of the most stable signs in terms of fidelity. They are almost always looking for a lasting relationship and are willing to accept being faithful and pleasing to only one person.

And the most jealous?

The sign most prone to jealousy is Cancer. Although they are passionate, they tend to be possessive.

They easily start to have doubts when they see any out-of-the-ordinary behavior in their partner. But it's difficult to notice it because they are cautious and show no obvious signs. Cancers are the type of people who love to have their loved one all to themselves and no one interfering.

What about the most lovestruck signs?

When we talk about lovestruck people, we're referring to those who find it hard to be alone and prefer to always have a partner or simply someone to keep them company in their life. These signs are Scorpio and Libra.

Although they have different behaviors when it comes to giving themselves to love, they can't help falling in love. They possess good qualities as partners because they bring seriousness and commitment to the relationship.

Edited by Melissa K.