The Aquarius Man in Bed: What Is He Like Sexually?

Manuel GarManuel G | November 01 2022

Aquarius Man in Bed

Today we discover what sex with the Aquarius man is like, what he likes, what he hates, and his personality in bed according to sexual astrology.

The Aquarius man does not see women as mere sexual objects, but loves them beyond that, unless the woman he is with wants to be seen that way. He always shows a lot of curiosity about the personality of the woman he is wooing and is almost always courteous.

When he's interested in someone, he is patient, attentive, and considerate, because he is at ease and relaxed in the courting process. He is a shy person who finds it difficult to open up, but when he's in love everything changes, and he opens up easily to that person on whom he has set his eyes.

People see the Aquarius man as a person with a lot of creativity when faced with the conquest of a new love, but in reality, he simply spends time analyzing the situation and imagining what the relationship would be like in the future.

On the contrary, there are times when he behaves very shyly and needs to be reminded that he has to take action for the person he likes and put aside the shyness; the same occurs in the sexual realm. In his sexual relations, he dedicates a lot of attention to foreplay, so much so that he sometimes forgets that the goal of the sexual act is to reach climax, and he can't decide on different sexual positions, as he enjoys them all. He is innovative and wants to try everything that comes to his imagination. If you manage to stimulate his more passionate side, he will be creative, energetic, and a legitimate wild lion that can leave you breathless at what he can offer you.

The Aquarius man is interested in women who know what they want, who cut to the chase and don't play games. The Aquarius man usually falls speechless when seduced. If you get him to start loving you a little and are respectful during the seduction, you'll get Aquarius to let his imagination run wild and he'll do whatever you want in bed.

For men with this sign, sex is an adventure, an opportunity to try new things - so don't wonder what your Aquarius lover is doing reading books about sex. He likes to explore and study everything and to try everything that the Kama Sutra reveals.

If you want to win him over, don't bore him with the same position as always - try to make sure your relations are not monotonous. He likes to experiment and is able to make you feel incredibly happy and fulfilled, both in the sexual and sentimental department. When his sex life is boring, this man gets sad. Try to have conversations about sex with him - for him, nothing is taboo, and he's always interested in trying new things in bed. Even things a that are little rough and perverse. Role-playing games and costumes are "normal" for him and excite him very much. He'll never say no to those kinds of ideas.

You'll never see a man of this sign alone. He is lively and optimistic, and he's surrounded by people. In fact, he's not at all satisfied when he doesn't have friends to hang out with. If you have a problem, seek out your Aquarius friend. He can definitely help you solve it, as he always looks for the truth and solutions to dilemmas. He'll analyze the situation and try to resolve it as if the issue were his own.

When he falls in love, the Aquarius man becomes hesitant. If you want to go out with this man, you'll have to be the one to take the first step.

He's not indifferent to your efforts to seduce him, he's just not the one to make the first move. He thinks people should be friends before lovers, so become his friend first. That's not the only power that attracts this man - so are freedom and empowerment.

Professionally, he's creative and fun, but he doesn't like to work hard. Most say that Aquarians are the rebels of the zodiac, and they're right. They don't like rules and conventional things, so try not to judge him. People with this sign don't like to be dominated and controlled. When things don't go as they expected, they become emotional and withdraw into their inner world.

The Aquarius Man in Other Aspects of Life

One thing is clear, the Aquarius man is a nonconformist. He doesn't like traditions and only believes in progress. You won't be able to keep him tied up for long, as he can't live without his independence and freedom. That's why he has so many friends that he can't call best friends - better to call them acquaintances.

Being social, he's good at making friends and is always happy to meet new people. But his interactions will always be superficial. He gets bored of people easily, so he'll run to the next social event to meet someone new. To win this man's heart, you'll need to show him a lot of appreciation, recognition, and affection. If you are faithful to him and show him that you care about him, and are loving, you will have positive results.

No matter what you are doing, the Aquarius man will always be willing to take on new challenges. You can say he likes competition as much as he likes to amaze women. They are good speakers - Aquarians can convince others to do almost anything they want them to do. There are many actors who are Aquarians and are known for their magnificent ability to memorize their lines at unimaginable speeds.

Be happy if an Aquarius man bothers to argue with you, because with people who don't matter to him, he doesn't bother reacting - arguing would be a sign that he cares. Anyone who is not predisposed to having sex will be capable of changing their mind if they meet an Aquarius. He'll certainly convince you that this topic doesn't have to be taboo and that your erotic appetite doesn't need to be kept locked up. However, this man needs to be careful, as he can waste all his energy on masturbation and sexual fantasies. The man with this sign believes in love and will seek it. It's very easy for him to fall in love, but it's hard for him to stabilize.    

People who marry Aquarius probably recognize that they're incredibly lucky to be with someone so hard to catch. Logical, optimistic, and friendly, Aquarians can read people easily. He's popular and although he seems relaxed on the outside, he's restless on the inside. You might think that, if he always wants new experiences, he'll be unfaithful. But things are not like that at all. He is usually devoted and only fools around if something intrigues him. He'll always come home, if he has the right partner to do so.

Edited by Melissa K.