The Cancer Man in Bed: What Is He Like Sexually?

Manuel GarManuel G | November 01 2022

Cancer Man in Bed

Today we discover what sex with the Cancer man is like, what he likes, what he hates, and his personality in bed according to sexual astrology.

The Cancer Man always needs to be motivated. If he has someone to support him, he can become one of the best lovers of the zodiac. In bed, he likes to be the one who teaches and takes the initiative, so let me explain his sexual tricks. He'll always tell you what he's doing and why he's doing it.

Whatever you do, don't interrupt him when he's trying to take the lead, because he'll stop, and you could miss out on an incredible experience.

Gracious and daring. That's how the Cancer man is in bed. A combination that's hard to find. He's intuitive - he'll know what you want, and he'll do everything to give it to you. Everything is lovely and pleasant when you get into bed with the Cancer man.


If you're attracted to a Cancer, avoid being crude and impatient. He usually idealizes the person he loves and is patient and sensitive.

If you dare to disappoint him without giving him a chance to see how he behaves in bed, you've ruined all your chances of having an amazing sexual adventure with him. If someone hurts him or he gets bored, he will climb into his shell and you will no longer be able to connect with him.

As he's the best at making his partner happy, the Cancer man knows all about foreplay. He's not like the other men who just seek to prove their masculinity in bed. He's sensitive and knows how to make you scream with pleasure.

He doesn't like to start foreplay in bed. You could start at the table or against the wall. And then head to the bed.

He knows how to perform oral sex on a woman, has a well-studied technique and... he loves it. When he does this, he always likes to use a few fingers.

Another technique he likes very much is to put his penis between his partner's breasts. Play with his penis, touching it with your tongue, because you will increase his desire and everything will be more intense.

Cancers have good memory, and that's true in bed, too. He'll always remember your favorite positions and what you like best, to make you enjoy yourself more and more. If he makes you have a good time in bed, say so. He'll be happy to know he can satisfy you in bed. 

Cancer men have an interesting strategy for sex. They take all their teenage experiences and play with them as adults, in an imaginative way.

This man loves lingerie. He also often fantasizes about costumes. Don't be shy - be bold enough to play this game that will really turn him on.

You never know what's in a Cancer man's heart. He rarely shows his sensitive side to others. He has secrets that his closest friends don't know.

Quite the idealist, he dreams big and has a sensitivity that the other signs do not have. People love him because he's sweet and gentlemanly. But don't think that just because he's sensitive, he's also weak, because he is not.

The Cancer Man in Other Aspects of Life

He is only ruled by the moon, which gives him mood swings depending on lunar phases. His emotional states are often deep and can dictate the way he interacts with others.

If you've just met him and he's too flirty, don't take him seriously at first. It could be one of his moods. The next minute, he may become cold and distant.

It's hard to know with these people - even those who know them well get confused. He'll apologize for being grumpy or mean. He's too polite a man not to.

In a woman, he likes intelligence and beauty. He'd enjoy any conversation as long as it's witty. He is charming and intelligent. However, be careful because he can become very possessive once he has you.

The Cancer man tends to expect too much from the people he loves, and if they don't meet his expectations, he locks himself up.

He doesn't like to talk about how he feels, and this is usually the cause of breakups in the life of this sign. He likes to live life, to enjoy all the drinks and all the food. He won't know how to dress for an occasion as he doesn't care about his appearance. He'll never flaunt his nice clothes and will probably show up wearing his college sweatshirt on the first date.

As the Cancer man is a great conversationalist, his words can convince people to do what he wants. His incredible memory is useful in arguments when no one remembers what the others have said. He is stubborn and will try to convince you of his point of view when you disagree with him. A debate will end only if you give up, and he won't mind continuing the same argument for days.

Nothing makes a Cancer man happier than a house where he can relax and enjoy the good life. He thinks the beautiful things shared between a couple start at home. But he can get too comfortable.

He wouldn't realize that something is wrong, so if you realize that he's become too comfortable in a situation, do something about it.

A long-term relationship is what a Cancer man wants. If he breaks up with someone, he'll easily find someone new, as he's friendly and connects with others easily.

However, he will never forget a woman in his life, no matter how things have gone. It can be difficult to be with a Cancer and endure all his mood swings. At least he's not boring. If you're thinking of marrying him, find out if he's an educated man who can provide for you.

Edited by Melissa K.