The Taurus Man in Bed: What Is He Like Sexually?

Manuel GarManuel G | November 01 2022

Taurus Man in Bed

Today we discover what sex with the Taurus man is like, what he likes, what he hates, and his personality in bed according to sexual astrology.

While some people use sex as a weapon against stress or as a way to demonstrate their masculinity, the Taurus man likes sex simply because of the enjoyment it provides him, and one of his favorite people as well. Other men may not like making love, but this man does. As one of the best lovers of zodiac signs, Taurus man is attentive and always knows how his partner feels. He doesn't need any help getting motivated in bed, as he's almost always the one who calls the shots in the relationship.

The Taurus man has been aware of sexuality since childhood. He already has sexual fantasies in his childhood years. As a young man, he wants to spend time with a woman, but he's too nervous to do anything.

As an adult, he can have any woman, since he has that same desire, and eventually he dares to go on dates.

The Taurus Man, Sex and Comfort

The prelude that a Taurus man offers his partner may seem prepared in advance. He doesn't like to make love impromptu, he likes to plan it, the courtship, to go step by step, when he thinks the moment is perfect. He is a man who takes things slowly, calmly and has to be sure to have everything under control.

Don't expect him to be creative in bed. He will only practice the techniques he already knows, although these skills are expertly known - he has a master's degree in these techniques. Many will say he's simplistic when it comes to making love. And it's true, because he's straightforward and easy. However, he likes to have sex frequently and regularly. The Taurus man has magnificent energy in bed, so you can forget about the fact that he is not creative because he'll compensate you with many other talents.

If you are with a man with this sign, take the reins and suggest new things. He won't say no to more variety. Be the one to take a proactive stance and motivate him to practice new things. In time, he'll feel confident and will enjoy trying new things more and more.

But be careful. You'll have to make subtle suggestions, as he doesn't like being forced to do things. As an Earth sign, the Taurus man is decided and stubborn. So be subtle, or you won't get him to start practicing innovative things.

There is no sign that he enjoys comfort more than Taurus. If you want to provide the best environment for making love, take him to a bed and put on some music. A little champagne would be perfect, as he likes to experiment and savor its flavor, spilling it all over the body of his sexual partner.

A Taurus sign is excited by smells. A nice fragrance on a woman's neck will be an aphrodisiac for him. He has his own rituals for foreplay, and he may suck on your feet or give oral sex. Tauruses like to practice things out of the ordinary, this excites him a lot. Many Tauruses are bisexual. They like to have different experiences, so they like to make love to both sexes. A Taurus man has an extremely high libido.

He could have sex with you in the morning and make love to a man in the afternoon. He is a passionate lover and likes to try new things.

He's patient and he doesn't give up until he gets what he wants. If he has found the perfect woman for him, it will be difficult for her to escape his love. The more she rejects it, the more Taurus will insist. There is no man who insists more than he does. He is fully aware of his body and understands lust and sensuality.

When this man wants to impress a woman, he will prepare something romantic for her. Again, it's important that he feels comfortable before having sex. He likes quality and invests a lot of money in decoration for his home. If you don't jump quickly into his arms, he'll have a drink or two and go to bed.

The Taurus Man in Other Aspects of Life

If you want to get a Taurus man, don't play hard to get, or you won't get any sex. His great passions in life are sex, food, and drink. That's why they usually have so many weight problems. He'll always want more, no matter what: sex, food, drink. He has his feet on the ground, but he can't help but take pleasure in these necessities.

He doesn't need to be reassured in bed. That's why it's so fun to be with him. You don't have to praise his way of making love. He likes women the way they are, and he doesn't want to change anyone. Also, he spends his money on expensive things, as he prefers quality over quantity. He can surprise his lover with very expensive gifts, and he likes to save money, always thinking about the future.

Men with a Taurus star sign are devoted, hardworking and efficient. The Taurus man pays more attention to health than other signs and takes a long time to recover from an illness. If you want to be this man's wife, open up and tell him what you want. Don't challenge him, because he has problems. He may seem to be peaceful on the outside but actually be very angry.

Those born in the first half of Taurus enjoy physical activities. They have their feet on the ground and are objective. Don't try to keep them close by force, as they won't be happy and will show you their irritable side. Those born in the second half of Taurus are more petty.

Most men with this sign are jealous, possessive with their things, so it's normal that they're jealous with their partners. A Taurus man will normally maintain friendship with his ex-lovers. Tauruses are very stubborn, and they like to fight for lost causes.

Those born in the first two weeks of the Taurus Sun will be impatient. No Tauruses waste their energy on things that are not necessary for them. They are stubborn, jealous, emotional, and good at sex.

Their way of seeing sex is very original and they know what their partner wants. If you're looking for stability in a relationship, definitely choose a Taurus man for your partner.

Edited by Melissa K.