Tips to Keep Your Partner Interested in You According to Their Sign

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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All relationships, if not nurtured, eventually fail. There are some that need more time and more dedication than others, but in general, all of them need some attention. Today we're bringing you the best tips to make sure your partner doesn't lose interest in you.


You already know that Tauruses are a bit insecure and tend to hide what they want or feel. They like to stay anonymous and are very introverted. If you want to keep their interest, you must seek them out, use foresight, and be there for them, because it is very unlikely that they will be the one to chase after you.


Aries are direct, so they say what they have to say to you and that's it. This is good for you because, for Aries, things are the way they are. Your partner does not expect you to go out of your way for them. Let go and allow your relationship to take follow its course.


Cancers tend to hide their feelings at all costs. You should know that, if this Cancer has a nice attitude towards you, is giving you compliments and being attentive, it means that they're interested. If you haven't told them you like them, it's time. They could run away.


It's not hard to tell when a Gemini is interested in you. They will change their attitude and treat you differently from others. They just have to feel like you're reciprocating for it to work. However, be subtle - this sign is often scared of commitment.


Virgos are very detail-oriented and will always try to come up with something nice and special for you. To keep their interest, you simply have to be grateful, show appreciation for their gestures and demonstrate that you are also willing to give.


Even though Leos are super self-centered, when they're interested in someone, they are capable of doing anything to please them. To keep their interest you, will have to make them feel like you reciprocate and try to surprise them as much as they surprise you... remember that Leos are attention lovers, so they will do anything to get yours.


Sagittarius signs think they are Casanovas, but inside they are truly shy and insecure. Make them feel that you understand them. If you are really interested, you'll have to learn how to play their game.


A Libra is going to try to cheer you up no matter what it takes, but they will need you to tell them they are doing it right. To keep their interest, let them know you're happy with what they have. When they feel secure and know they are on the right track, things flow better.


Aquarians don't do well when it comes to feelings, so go easy on them and let them go at their own pace. Although it seems like they will never be ready, everything will come with time.


Scorpio signs will always chase after you, looking for you. Although they may seem like stalkers, they're cool. To keep their interest, you just need to cut them some slack and show you're interested. You won't be able to get rid of them.


Pisces signs lack self-control. They are very emotional and sometimes their feelings will work against them. When they get out of control, they feel vulnerable and will behave like complete idiots. If you are really interested, be patient and supportive. Make them feel that everything is okay and help them regain their confidence.


Capricorns believe that their romantic bonds are a kind of "challenge", so they choose people who pose an emotional and intellectual puzzle. Although they seem to be interested, they will never admit it. Create your own game and act flirtatious and interested.

Edited by Melissa K.

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