Your Partner's Weak Point According to His Zodiac Sign

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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Each sign has a weak point that will always haunt you, because you cannot deny the influence of the stars. And while you probably don't know where some of his behaviors come from, now you can find out why. 

In this article, you will discover what your partner's weak point is according to his sign. This knowledge is not something you should take advantage of, but rather use nurture to improve the relationship. Look for your partner's sign.


Taurus is kind and loyal. With this sign, it's necessary to practice the art of patience because he needs time to make a decision. Taurus's weak point is that he is usually very indecisive. 


Gemini is fun and very restless. He doesn't like routine and gets bored easily, so the more varied the outings, the better. By your side, he has to find an outlet for his tension and nervousness.


Aries is a bold, dynamic, and impulsive man. Let him feel like he holds the reins of the relationship and listen to him carefully when he talks about his achievements, because his weak point is that he needs his partner's admiration and trust.


Leo is generous, but he's also vain and self-centered and loves it when everyone admires his partner. The more you praise, flatter, and adore Leo, the more interested he will be.


Cancer is conservative and a homebody, but also introverted and shy. He only makes a move when he is sure he won't be rejected, which means you need to show signs of interest. His weakness is that he tends to be insecure.


Libra is emotional and very sympathetic. Don't overwhelm him with plans where he has to choose, because it's hard for him to make up his mind. Libras are experts in the art of seduction and smother the object of their affection with attention, tender gestures, and subtle details, which is why they are so easy to fall in love with.


Virgo is introverted, shy, and finds it difficult to express his feelings. Don't expect quick decisions because he thinks long and hard before making them. He is not too fond of socializing and loves to enjoy intimate moments.


Sagittarius is a generous and likable man. He starts at the bottom and works his way up to achieve success in the world of work and finance. That's why he doesn't like partners who are conformists and who don't strive to improve their lives.


He is masculine and temperamental. Nothing is more valuable to Scorpio than always telling the truth. His weak point is that he is extremely jealous and can't stand to see any man near you.


He is loyal and spontaneous, and he needs freedom because he doesn't like to be tied to anything or anyone. He does everything his own way: the opinions of his family and friends mean nothing, though perhaps he asks for opinions out of curiosity.


Capricorn is reserved and cautious, and you must earn his trust because he is very suspicious of others. He is one of the men most in need of affection, so although he may seem cold, in reality he's a sensitive and loving man.


He is a shy and compassionate man and needs a lot of affection. A hug, a caress or a kiss could be the best gift - he doesn't need material things to be happy. Ask him to participate in everyday tasks because he loves to feel useful and needed.

Edited by Melissa K.

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