The Virgo Man in Bed: What Is He Like Sexually?

Manuel GarManuel G | November 01 2022

Virgo Man in Bed

Today we discover what sex with the Virgo man is like, what he likes, what he hates, and his personality in bed according to sexual astrology.

You won't see this man put too much enthusiasm into chasing a woman. When he likes someone, the Virgo man hardly ever makes the first move. He is shy and would wait for her to take the first step rather than doing anything to show his romantic interest. Punctual and clean, the Virgo man likes his partner to have these qualities too.

Apart from this, he also likes people who have tact, are educated, and have culture. He enjoys getting together with his friends and knows from the first moment who will be his friend and who is just an acquaintance.

Many will say that the Virgo man is too critical, and it's true; no one likes to be told what their flaws are, so it's hard for Virgo to make friends or keep his partner close. But he can't help it, and he tries to make everything and everyone perfect.

Virgos don't know how to do compliments and they need a quiet environment as they sometimes get nervous. He is also a health nut, so if you want to have a conversation with him, use your health knowledge to seduce him.

He believes that women are something that should be explored and experienced. And he sees sex as something one must practice and enjoy to the fullest in life.

The Truth

When you're with a Virgo man, you don't need to worry about his hands being in the wrong place or that he'll start kissing and hugging you in public. He won't expect you to have sex on the first date either.

He is a gentleman and will always respect the honor of his partner. When the time comes for sex, he'll probably come prepared with clean socks, a shaving kit, and a toothbrush. He won't want to show up for work the next day without being well groomed. So don't be surprised if he starts talking about his ideal night before it happens. He may want to take care of every detail.

A sensitive man, Virgo will never be crude in showing his affection. Also, he'll never insist if someone doesn't want him.

In bed, his foreplay is methodical, as if he had rehearsed it. He knows perfectly well what excites a woman and will use his knowledge to offer her pleasure.

He's more about what the sex looks like than the passion between the two, which can sometimes upset his partner. However, even if he didn't do so well in bed, a Virgo man will blame the circumstances and not the participants.

But you don't need to worry too much about his taste for aesthetics, because he's open to suggestions. If a woman is a little more aggressive, she can make him do whatever she wants.

The only thing Virgo wouldn't do in bed would be to put his sexual fantasies into practice. He will do anything else to satisfy his partner, but not his own fantasies.

If he's not experienced in a position, the Virgo man will be happy doing it in a position he has already used. He likes to have sex under the sheets. He'll take her from behind and she'll love it. As long as you don't force him to do something he doesn't want to do, the Virgo man will be interested in trying new things.

If you have more experience, you can explain things like you would teach a teenager. If you bite his behind gently, he'll have an instant erection.

Not a very sexual person, and Virgo can be cold and indifferent in bed. There are Virgo men who have been married for a long time and have not had sex since their first year of marriage. So make sure you stimulate him all the time. He has a tendency to become obsessed with pornography, and if this happens, his sex life will be compromised.

The Virgo Man in Other Aspects of Life

His intellect is admired by many, and he is very good at analyzing things. Mercury, the ruler, is also the planet that governs everything that has to do with logic. A man with this sign is interested in anything that helps him improve and evolve.

He doesn't like to waste money and usually asks people's opinion about what to do with his money. If there's anything that involves risk, Virgo definitely won't go after it.

He knows when things get risky and avoids that path. It's not an instinct - it's his way of analyzing things, which is with practicality.

He does not live life based on hunches, but on judgments. He tends to choose his friends the same way. Busy striving to be perfect at work and also a good friend, the Virgo man does not have much time for a relationship.

Methodical, conscious, and reliable, this hardworking man finds solutions to any problem. He takes his time developing a plan and solves a problem from more than one angle. He always shaves and looks good because he likes people who take care of themselves.

If you decide not to call him the next day, he won't insist. He just wants to play the game, not be the one dominating it. He is an energetic sexual partner and sometimes becomes protective with his lover.

He can be a husband, a lover, a father, a brother, and a best friend for a woman. If you want to marry him, he won't give you a definitive answer until you both assess the situation very well. He will consider how good and effective you are as a couple, and then decide whether you should get married or not.

He is loyal and reliable and will spend most of his free time reading or learning a new language. He's not very social. His partner will be well-maintained financially, but she won't get absolutely everything she wants.

He understands the real value of money, but he likes luxury too. He'll never betray you. He believes in loyalty and is always looking for something long-term and serious.

Edited by Melissa K.