The Zodiac Sign You're Most Compatible With in Bed

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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While we'd like to be guaranteed that sex is always passionate, intimate, and an amazing experience, the reality is that bad sex exists, and it happens - in fact, you're very unlikely to enjoy that special chemistry with each and every one of your partners. But wouldn't it be great if we could know how compatible we are with someone before sleeping in the same bed? Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, but if you trust the stars, you will know that finding out which zodiac signs are most compatible in bed is a very simple way to ensure there will be nothing lacking in your sex life.

Of course, how compatible you are with someone in the sex or love department depends on many other things aside from astrology, and it's entirely possible to have good sex with someone even if your signs are technically incompatible. Regardless, it won't hurt anything to satisfy your curiosity and discover which sign may have a special ability to amaze you in bed.

Here's what sign you're most compatible with in bed, based on your own sign - and some useful little tips on how to give pleasure to each of the different signs.

Aries: Most Compatible with Leo

Aries likes to do bold, steamy things in bed, so a union with a passionate and charismatic Leo has totally explosive results.

- How to satisfy Aries: Give hints of how wild you want to be in bed and let him take the reins and be the leader. Typically, Aries likes to be on top, but they won't say no to new sexual adventures.

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Taurus: Most Compatible with Virgo

A lover of slow and sensual things, Taurus will have the best sex with Virgo. He'll take his time to perfect his technique and ensure pleasure-filled experiences.

- How to satisfy Taurus: Taurus is one of the most sensual signs if you can tempt all his five senses at once. Music, scented candles, sensual glances, flavored massage oils, feathers... infinite pleasure.

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Gemini: Most Compatible with Libra

Gemini loves fun, playful things in bed, and when paired with a Libra, talking dirty and engaging in foreplay are a must to keep up the heat and excitement between the two.

- How to satisfy Gemini: Excite Gemini with your mind and keep the bed on fire with sex games, costumes, and fantasies to make sex fun and carefree. He doesn't like long, drawn out things very much. They exasperate him.

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Cancer: Most Compatible with Scorpio

For Cancers to completely let loose in bed, they need to feel safe and emotionally connected to their partner. And although Scorpios have a reputation among the zodiac signs for being a seducer and sexually desirous, they also prefer to feel a deep connection with their partner.

- How to satisfy Cancer: Cancers enjoy sex the most when they're in their own room and with a stable, long-term partner. They're introverts, and that's why they like to keep their sexual experiences with a person they trust.

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Leo: Most Compatible with Sagittarius

Leos have an intense sexual appetite, and they like to be the center of attention whenever possible... especially in bed. Leo's most compatible sexual partner is Sagittarius, since they are usually affectionate and loving, and this will make Leo feel sexy and special.

- How to satisfy Leo: tell Leo your fantasies and he will take pleasure in making them come true for you. Leo will love role-playing games in bed as well (Leos are the actors of the zodiac).

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Virgo: Most Compatible with Capricorn

Virgos prefer simple things in bed, but that doesn't mean that they don't like to give or receive pleasure, like the patient but passionate Capricorn.

- How to satisfy Virgo: encourage a healthy sex life with Virgo by putting it as number one on the to-do list and always leaving time for sex.

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Libra: Most Compatible with Aquarius

A Libra loves to be mentally stimulated, whether it's with music, art, good food, or talking dirty. Although Aquarius can sometimes be emotionally disconnected and with little desire for sex, they are both magnificent lovers who have quite interesting sex together, just what a Libra needs.

- How to satisfy Libra: Libras are usually emotionally intense with their lovers, and that tends to transfer to bed. Let Libra take care of you in bed, but remind him that the best sex life is one in which both give each other pleasure.

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Scorpio: Most Compatible with Pisces

Scorpio, the greatest seducer of all the signs, is known for being extremely erotic and even a bit of a fetishist. That said, a Scorpio is at his best when he feels connected with his partner, so they make a perfect match with the romantic and sensitive Pisces.

- How to satisfy Scorpio: they love to go a step further with their lovers and lead them to new extremes of pleasure. Talk dirty, watch videos, do it in different places, variety and frequency, the more sex, the better.

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Sagittarius: Most Compatible with Leo

Sagittarius is spontaneous and loves to try new things, especially in bed. They pair well with Leos because they're creative and fun, and they aren't afraid to suggest anything unexpected and strange.

- How to satisfy Sagittarius: opt for quick sex in scandalous places, outdoors, any sexual encounter that is a first time for the two of you will be an experience that you will share and remember for the rest of your life.

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Capricorn: Most Compatible with Taurus

Capricorns can be a bit secretive, so they need a partner who will help them open up and get out of their sexual armor a bit. The sensual Taurus knows the value of taking things slow and uses the power of foreplay to make Capricorn melt.

- How to satisfy Capricorn: as a Capricorn's lover, you will have to motivate them all you can. Prepare him a bath, get him to disconnect from work, and do the things that drive him crazy, but be discreet about your adventures.

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Aquarius: Most Compatible with Gemini

An Aquarius may not be very open in his sex life, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy it. A simple and talkative Gemini can help Aquarius open up, as well as teach him that communicating in bed doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

- How to satisfy Aquarius: follow his nonverbal hints and enjoy your lover's experimentation.

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Pisces: Most Compatible with Scorpio

The romantic and sensuous Pisces loves to woo and be courted by their partners, and the passionate, sexual Scorpio is more than prepared for these tasks.

- How to satisfy Pisces: known to be the most creative zodiac sign, Pisces can use their gifts to bed to offer a divine experience. They love the art of seduction, pleasure for the sake of pleasure, and turning imagination into reality in their sexual encounters.

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After all this, it must be said that how compatible you are with someone is not necessarily predictable, and sexual chemistry does not always appear at the beginning. But don't worry, because as long as you're willing to communicate openly and try new things, there will be potential to have amazing, orgasm-filled sex with anyone, regardless of your signs.

Edited by Melissa K.