The Libra Man in Bed: What Is He Like Sexually?

Manuel GarManuel G | November 01 2022

Libra Man in Bed

Today we discover what sex with the Libra man is like, what he likes, what he hates, and his personality in bed according to sexual astrology.

Although he likes the woman he is with to control the situation in bed, the Libra man will do everything possible to give pleasure. He will try anything to make his partner happy. He is worried about not being able to get a woman to orgasm, and he's very sensitive in the scrotal area.

Don't rush this man in bed. It doesn't turn him on. If you like it too, enjoy the long prelude he offers. If everything is quiet and the atmosphere is pleasant, the Libra man can make his partner scream with pleasure. He has profound knowledge of how a woman's body works, and he's very intuitive.

Don't be fooled by the fact that he doesn't look very athletic. This man can be very energetic in bed. His performance is slow but sure. He likes to make love and can make his partner melt even before she undresses.

The Art of Making Love

The foreplay that a Libra man likes is imaginative, slow, and passionate. As long as there are things to discover and new areas of the body to explore, he won't stop. He knows exactly what he's doing during the act, and it lasts a long time. Sex is something that is really fulfilling for Libra. He doesn't see it as superficial and quick. He plays with his mouth and hands on a woman's body and likes to give oral sex.

If you are relaxed and like to be playful in bed, the Libra man is ideal for you. If you think he spends too much time on the preliminaries, take control and he will follow you. But be sure you're doing it subtly because he doesn't like being told what to do in bed.

Nothing will cut short a Libra man's passion and mood for sex. Masturbation and oral sex are things he enjoys, and he especially likes a woman's breasts. Anything that gives pleasure to his partner will also make him happy.

However, you need to let him know what you like before the fun begins. He doesn't like surprises. His relationships are mostly superficial because he may not like to show his feelings quickly. He's a man who can have two relationships at the same time.

He has voyeuristic tendencies, and he would enjoy watching others having sex, or wearing masks. If you want to impress him with your imagination, suggest body paint. He will get really turned on using brushes and colors on your naked body.

Some Libras enjoy recording themselves having sex. People born under this sign will know some of the best tricks and practices, so nothing you can come up with in bed will scare him.

As this sign hangs in a subtle balance, many Libra men are homosexual or bisexual. Being open to various suggestions, this man will follow you in whatever you propose when making love.

He may be involved in two affairs at once and have sex with two different women. He likes to wait until he finds a compatible partner, so he will invent all sorts of masturbation techniques to keep himself stimulated.

The Libra Man in Other Aspects of Life

Libras are always looking for balance and peace. When life puts something difficult in his path, the Libra man will go back to where he started to find his balance.

He is happy if the people around him are also happy. Don't take him to do physical activities. He prefers board games and likes good conversation.

If you have no knowledge of a variety of topics of conversation, stay away from this man. He likes people who are well-versed in different topics.

Sociable, balanced, and optimistic, the Libra man is also good at telling jokes. He does not want to accept injustice and avoids conflict.

He is a highly valued coworker and friend. He adapts easily, but it's hard for him to make decisions. The Libra man is a good judge because he analyzes situations from different points of view. He never opens up too much to people and never judges them.

If things don't go the way he wants, he can go from being someone cool and down-to-earth to someone aggressive and insufferable.

You can trust in a Libra man's intuition to make things right. People can't lie to him.

He'll understand what makes them do things. He doesn't like drama, so he'll be able to pin down someone's intentions instantly.

He loves beautiful things, including beautiful women. He is charming when he woos a woman and knows how to get to her heart; but he will find it difficult to decide how much he loves her once he gets her to fall in love.

For him, things need to be in balance and in order. And unfortunately, things are not always like that. If you're in love with a Libra man, don't despair if he doesn't like you that much. Tempt him in bed and enjoy the pleasures he knows how to offer.

The Libra man believes in equality between men and women, especially in bed. He is patient in making his partner experience pleasure, and he likes to be told what to do. If you flatter him, he'll respond with more pleasure.

When a woman who knows what she wants, he will be at her mercy. That's because he likes strong women. He'll quickly fall in love with someone like that. Remember to be calm with him. Remember that he hates drama and emotional scenes.

Interested in young girls, the Libra man wants to get married someday. You can easily convince him to take this step. However, do not plan the wedding. He would get nervous knowing that he has such a great responsibility, and he also has trouble making decisions.

He wants his wife to be his lover and his friend, and he hates it when his partner flirts with other people. If you want him to be yours forever, always dress well and do your hair.

Edited by Melissa K.