The Virgo Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | November 01 2022

The Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is a reserved woman, mellow and attached to daily life. She is serene in character, and she's a realistic and sometimes serious person. She is very organized in her daily life, which makes her very much a perfectionist - at work, at home, and with her family.

Virgos know how to be nice and welcoming to those around them, but they're often anxious and insecure, which sometimes leads them to lose control a little and say things that can end up hurting others. But Virgos do not like this type of situations and have no problem asking for forgiveness and returning to a friendly state. At heart, they are very affectionate women who take care of their friends and who are loved by all.

When they have problems, they close themselves in their bubble, and we could go days or weeks without hearing from them.

Virgo's element is Earth, and therefore, she is very attached to it - the Virgo woman doesn't let herself get carried away by wishful thinking or false expectations. Before starting a romance or a project, she will want security. She never gets involved in things that are risky.

How to make a Virgo fall in love with you?

Seduction does not seem to be the strong suit of the Virgo woman, and her modesty and humility do not help much either. Virgos are low-profile, quiet women and die of embarrassment if they like someone, which will make it very difficult for the other person to pick up on it and take the initiative. This can be an obstacle in her relationships.

Romantic and dreamy, Virgo needs to feel supported by her partner. She wants the other to accompany her in everything that has to do with family, to support her and encourage her in her professional life, etc.

Younger and inexperienced Virgos are usually a bit naive, and they easily succumb to talkative men who are experienced in flirting using charming words. Later, when they are more grown up and have learned from their mistakes, this happens far less often.

The Virgo woman is often possessive. She does not like to be far from the man she loves, and she also does not stand for infidelities. However, she likes to flirt, although she could not bear to see her partner do the same. She's a little hypocritical in this regard. But it's okay, because the Virgo woman prefers to focus on her family life rather than her social life.

The ideal man will be one who can reassure her and restore her confidence in difficult times, so that she can let things flow and fulfill her most ambitious desires and projects.

The Virgo Woman In Bed

In the realm of sexuality, the Virgo woman prefers to keep calm and curb her impulses rather than give in to temptation. She is wary of others, but also of herself and what her body can make her feel. She tries to find a balance between her passionate and dreamy side that urges her to go with the flow and discover all the sexual pleasures that exist, and her other side that calls her to be calm and not succumb to vice.

Virgo mixes sex with love all the time, and sex is practically not allowed without strong feelings toward her partner. She aims to have at least some sort of relationship with the person she's sleeping with. It is a way to be sure that she gives herself to someone who is worth it and not to the first person who shows up.

While she likes sex, it's difficult for her to relax because she thinks too much.

However, when she has sex with someone she's in love with, she lets go of all those anxieties.

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