8 Animals that Symbolize Friendship and Loyalty

Manuel GarManuel G | March 18 2023

dog cat friendship

Friendship and loyalty have many ways of expressing themselves, and this can be seen in animals. Here you have 8 animals that symbolize these values.

1. Dog

When we talk about loyalty, the first animal to come to our mind is the dog. Humans have countless evidence of the faithfulness and loyalty of dogs, who even go so far as to risk their lives to save ours. There are also some famous stories of dogs that have waited for their owners for years or have circled their graves, leaving clear proof of the strength of their bond.

2. Dolphin

Another animal that represents friendship and loyalty, both to humans and to their own species, is the dolphin. Dolphins have rescued humans from shark attacks, and if another dolphin is in mortal danger, others will appear to help it keep its blowhole above the surface of the water.

3. Wolf

The Wolf is an animal with a great sense of loyalty. In fact, the expression “lone wolf” doesn't correspond much to reality, since these animals almost always move in a pack, helping each other and even establishing joint hunting strategies.

4. Chimpanzee

The chimpanzee shares much of its DNA with humans, and it's known for its jovial and loving character. The chimpanzee symbolizes affectionate friendship shown by gestures such as kisses and hugs.

5. Elephant

Elephants are also animals with a strong sense of loyalty. They live in groups to help each other and do not hesitate to lend their aid to others if they need it. There have been cases of elephants that have saved antelopes that were trapped, freeing them with their trunks.

6. Bee

The bee is one of the greatest existing symbols of loyalty. It lives devoted to the task of making the queen bee's life easier, and it's able to give its life to protect her. Is there a greater demonstration of loyalty than that?

7. Swan

Another great example of loyalty, in this case, between couples, is the swan. The swan looks for a partner, and once it finds one, it spends its whole life with this partner, demonstrating absolute fidelity. Friendship, love, and loyalty are intertwined in their relationship, which, once initiated, can only be broken by death.

8. Horse

The horse is an animal that has always been close to humans. The horse symbolizes loyalty to humans, aiding us in all kinds of tasks. Over the course of time, its effort has helped us to get around or carry objects, making our lives easier. Moreover, the affective bonds between people and horses have always been very strong.

Edited by Melissa K.