The Aries Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | November 01 2022

The Aries Woman

The Aries woman has a dynamic and proactive personality. She's one of those people who do a million things at once.

Aries is a sign that in many ways behaves in an authoritarian manner, and sometimes she can be quite the dictator. She has strong opinions and seeks to impose them on those around her.

Those born under this sign are strong, self-sufficient women, very independent, and they don't really need anyone. They are very hardworking and almost never think about taking sabbatical years or a long vacation.

The Aries woman hates failure, but not only in herself - she hates to see people give up easily. Since she is a strong fighter who can easily recover from disappointments and continue fighting, she can't conceive of others giving up on their goals and being weak. Aries is locked into the way she thinks, and this closed-mindedness can lead her to move away from people who, if she had known them better, could have been very valuable in her life.

In Love

She's likely to think more about herself than about her partner. She likes to be the center of all attention. In love, she moves heaven and earth to win the heart of her soulmate. She does not hesitate to flirt openly.

She doesn't take the initiative, but she does her best to make the other realize what's going on - she may invite him to dinner, to a concert...

The Aries woman seduces with her spontaneity, her ability to do special things for the other, her frankness, and her ability to awaken in men a true carnal desire.

She needs to be constantly receiving attention from her partner, and although she has a lot of strength and comes across as a real warrior, sometimes she suffers like a teenager.

If she's bored in a relationship, she won't hesitate to create small conflicts or pick fights to keep the relationship alive. Her love life is a constant adventure. She prefers partners who know what they want and don't hesitate.

She likes independent men. She rejects docility and submission to marriage. Getting married doesn't matter - what she's looking for is a companion to share in the simple things in life, from a glass of wine or a TV show to a weekend trip.

If someone does something to her, even if it's not infidelity, it will be difficult for everything to return to normal. Aries is spiteful and is more about closing doors than opening them.

How to seduce an Aries woman and make her fall in love with you?

The first step is to make a good first impression. Aries will look you up and down and prejudge you from the get-go. She's not only interested in the physical - but she will also focus on your conversation and your way of life: she will want to know if you read, where you work, if you go to the movies, how you treat your friends…

Given her dominant spirit, it's better to accept her as she is. Go with her flow and you will quickly win her heart. Don't disagree with her too intensely to avoid making her think that you are very different from one another.

She likes to have small fights and to make up afterwards. But these fights cannot be constant, because then she might think that the relationship isn't working and that you two are always fighting.

You also have to adapt a little to her and her tastes. There are times when she prefers to have peace and quiet, especially when she's practicing her hobbies.

The Aries Woman in Bed

The strong character of the Aries woman pushes her to have no limits in bed. The Aries woman does not need outside inspiration to fully enjoy sex.

But the sexual profile of the Aries woman is a bit particular. She's one of the fieriest women of the Zodiac, and sexuality is very important in her life. She does not hesitate to ask for what she wants, directly and without beating around the bush. And if she sees that something she doesn't like, she will say so without hesitation.

She is a very free woman who does not allow fears to hinder her pursuit of pleasure. She likes to experience new things with her partner and discover each of their weak spots in bed.

An Aries who has more experience in sex and has learned how to reach euphoria will be the teacher, guiding her partner when necessary to enjoy as fully as she does.

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