The Capricorn Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | November 01 2022

The Capricorn Woman

Her main quality is loyalty. The Capricorn woman is sincere and does not deceive, either in her private life or in her professional life. Gifted with a lot of patience and perseverance, she tends to achieve her goals. She is organized and analytical, which makes everyone listen to her and take her opinions into account.

Respectful of hierarchy and rules, this woman is exacting in her work and never gives up. She is a perfectionist, ambitious, and she gets upset when others do not think like her. She is very demanding and can often be tiresome for those who must obey her.

Sometimes reserved, she knows how to stay under the radar, but she also knows how to get attention when she wants.

She's a bit materialistic and needs to feel like she doesn't need anything, but that she can afford anything she wants.

Faithful in friendship, she feels comfortable with her lifelong friends, and she can even rebuild a friendship easily with people with whom she has had friction in the past, as if nothing had happened.

In Love

Loyal and respectful, she will give all kinds of attention to her partner. The only important requirement is that her partner provide her with protection and security.

The Capricorn woman is quite shy and does not easily reveal her feelings. It is possible that everyone has already realized what she feels, but she will not be the one to say it.

We may think at first glance that she's a bit arrogant, but in reality, this pride hides a certain modesty.

She is not made for one-night stands, but, quite the contrary, looks for stability and connection in her partner. Something more long-term.

Naturally distrustful, she does not surrender easily and is always testing the love of her partners. She needs her partners to tell her often that they love her and how they feel about her.

After a while, she usually trusts and behaves innocently, because it doesn't occur to her that someone who feels good in a relationship will think of betraying her. If this were to happen, she would feel more sad than angry. Disappointed.

And if she can't find anyone who meets her requirements, she prefers to be alone.

Once she finds what she's looking for, she is faithful and completely dedicated to her partner, to making them feel comfortable. She will do her best to make the relationship last, even if her partner doesn't notice it. She's more a person of actions than words.

How do you make a Capricorn woman fall in love?

To make a Capricorn woman fall in love with you, equip yourself with patience. She has a fierce personality on the outside, but she's very fragile on the inside. She has to feel that she can trust her partner. To make this happen, you need to share moments of connection with her and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know her better. If you do, she'll trust and go with the flow.

What really makes her fall in love is to be able to count on you. Having someone to lean on and cry on when she needs it. Or someone laugh with.

The Capricorn woman is a serious and faithful woman, and she requires the same sincerity of her partner. When she commits, it's for life. Once the seduction phase has ended, continue to show her your love. She needs to be constantly sure of your feelings.

She is realistic, she analyzes everything, and she's very practical - she will not fall in love with someone who cannot give her the support she needs. The Capricorn woman is always looking for a hardworking person with values.

The Capricorn Woman In Bed

The Capricorn woman shows a certain reserve during her sexual relations. She doesn't give herself away easily for fear of disappointment. Quite traditional, at first she does not show much creativity or fantasy. However, deep down, she hides the desire to experience intense pleasures.

She is a woman who lives a sexuality full of inhibitions and doubts, but who can let go if she feels comfortable with her partner. Her partner must be patient and convincing for her to let herself be swept away. Her emotional needs are endless, but we should not rush her. Everything will come when she thinks it's time.

Once her inhibitions disappear, the Capricorn woman will make you fulfill all your desires.

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