The Leo Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | May 30 2021

The Leo Woman

Under her proud and dominant facade, she hides a lot of sensitivity and tenderness. When she meets the right man, able to bring out her full potential, she becomes the most faithful of lovers.

The character trait that best defines the Leo woman is her extraordinary charisma. Leos are people who attract a lot of attention from others, wherever they are. They have great self-confidence and love to be the center of attention. They are big fans of luxury, clothes, and perfumes, and in general, they like to go shopping. We can say that they are people with good taste.

Determined and methodical in her work, she always achieves the goals she has set for herself. They are perfectionists and always seek to improve in order to succeed in both their professional and private lives. The Leo woman understands that competition is necessary to improve as a person and a professional, and she wants to be the best in everything, even though she understands that it is not always possible. She is an energetic woman, and when she wants something, she will go after it.

She is usually very generous to her loved ones and always likes to offer them everything she has. She even often sets everything aside to help those who are most in need. Behind her authoritarian appearance, the Leo woman hides a sensitive soul and a heart full of love.

This is one of the cases where we should not let ourselves be deceived by appearances, because although at times she may seem arrogant, she is very understanding, empathetic, and humanitarian.

In Love

In astrology, the Leo woman is undeniably a great seductress. She has everything necessary to please a man, whatever his sign.

When she likes a person, she doesn't take detours - she gets straight to the point. Because of her good taste, Leo almost always dresses elegantly, and this makes men look at her. And they like her quite a lot.

The Leo woman, so sensual, can bring a lot to her partner.

However, if we remember, she is a perfectionist, and this is something that also applies to her search for a partner. She's used to having everything under control and can get nervous if something is not on her blueprint.

In love, her generosity has no limits. She always seeks the happiness of her loved ones, and especially that of the partner who shares life with her.

When she finds the man of her life, the Leo woman is faithful and does anything and everything to keep and care for him.

Loved, admired, and respected, she has everything in life to be happy.

But how do you seduce a Leo and make her fall in love with you?

To woo a Leo woman, you must dazzle her, and, above all, show her that she is unique. You must respond to her desires and follow her in her adventures, which can sometimes be a little crazy. Exacting and active, she prefers ambitious and determined men. Her partner must live up to her expectations: being elegant is one of her most valued criteria.

To arouse her curiosity, you should not immediately reveal your feelings, but rather try to create a somewhat mysterious atmosphere. You must not be stingy with compliments. She loves to see that her partner at least has time to dedicate these compliments to her. Moreover, she values actions, not just words. She likes flowers, restaurants, and little surprises.

The Leo Woman In Bed

On a sexual level, Leo's woman is quite outgoing. Her partner must be imaginative to meet her need for constant renewal.

Her regent is the Sun, which makes her a fiery woman in everything sexual. For her, sex begins with the first kiss or the first caress. Foreplay is fundamental, and she always expects the man to strive to give her pleasure. If not, she takes care of finding it for herself.

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