The Sagittarius Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | November 01 2022

The Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is optimistic by nature and always sees life from a positive point of view. She also has the ability to spread her good mood and enthusiasm to everyone around her. That's why most of her loved ones value her company. Although she's by no means frivolous, she hates debating serious matters. Sagittarians are relaxed, friendly people who avoid unnecessary arguments. Looking for problems is not her thing.

She is a great traveler, always ready to see the world. Curious about everything, she likes to meet new people and discover the culture of the countries she visits. There is no place for routine in her life - she needs constant changes. If, due to life circumstances, she does not have money to travel, she will also be happy, but she'll always be looking to take on new projects or get involved in new hobbies.

She is sincere and almost always says what she thinks. She is never looking to hurt anyone - if she says hurtful words, they're often involuntary.

She easily overcomes obstacles and has great capacity for resilience. Free and independent, the Sagittarius woman has difficulty accepting authority and does not always comply with the established rules.

In Love

The Sagittarius woman lives life to the max and needs someone to accompany her on that adventure. She doesn't like routine one bit.

However, she's a woman who prefers to be alone rather than in the wrong company. That's why she only gets into a relationship with someone who meets a series of requirements and deserves her love.

With such optimism and vivacity, she especially attracts men who value the company of a spunky woman who doesn't follow social norms. However, these men should under no circumstances try to control her too much. A space of freedom is essential for her. She cannot do without it.

The Sagittarius woman is faithful in love, and any betrayal by her partner could jeopardize the relationship. She will always do anything to try to save the relationship, but if the betrayal is an infidelity, it will be almost impossible. At most, she could forgive a first time, but not a second.

How do you make a Sagittarius woman fall in love?

To win the heart of a Sagittarius woman, a man must be optimistic and benevolent - two characteristic features that she herself possesses. Her partner should be sincere, and above all, give her constant new experiences. Sagittarians do not have a type, physically speaking, but they do seek someone who breaks from routine, is interesting, and comes up with ideas that help them get away from monotony.

Open-minded and generous, she likes to give, but also to receive. Her partner should give her at least a certain level of freedom. Sagittarius is a woman who values friendship very much, has both male and female friends, and is not willing to set them aside for a relationship.

The Sagittarius woman loves surprises, especially ones that have a message of love. Her partner will need to be a person with enough imagination to prevent the relationship from becoming monotonous and boring.

Finally, if you are a man with a good sense of humor, you're in luck, because the Sagittarius woman tends to fall in love with men who make her laugh.

The Sagittarius Woman In Bed

Sagittarius and Scorpio are the zodiac signs most addicted to sex. Always with joy, and nothing off-limits. This is how the Sagittarius woman expresses her sexuality. She is not a complicated being. She fulfills her desires and those of the other without inhibitions. She always wants sex to be passionate and intense. She often takes the initiative and is the one who dominates, from start to finish. But she needs love to exist with her sexual partner to give her best during sex.

In order for the relationship to last, intimacy must have a privileged place and be frequent. When she finds the man of her life, who satisfies her both in her normal life and in her sexual life, the couple reaches a solidity that very rarely breaks.

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