The Virgo Man: Personality Traits, Love, Sexuality and More

Manuel G | November 01 2022

The Virgo Man

The Virgo is organized and pragmatic, which can sometimes bother those around him. He has a great deal of foresight, which helps him avoid unexpected mishaps. The advantage of this is that it almost never causes him disappointment.

Virgo is a man of his word, honest and formal. Causing harm to his loved ones is inconceivable for him.

Although Virgo men are talented people, they don't want to attract attention and choose to keep a low profile. They prefer to live in anonymity.

Virgo is someone who believes in merit to achieve things, in effort, and he values things that come from work and sacrifice - if something arrives in the form of a gift, he does not find it fulfilling.

Lastly, he is a very helpful person, who is always available to lend a hand to his own. A Virgo man does not turn his back when there are problems, although he will not give you anything with no strings attached either. He will help you, but he will make you struggle and work hard so that you learn the lesson and avoid similar problems in the future.

In Love

Winning the heart of the Virgo man requires two very important things: a sense of humor and discovering his innermost personality.

Not everyone gets to know him. He's shy and will only let you get to know him when he has an idea of what you think of him.

At first, you can take the initiative as long as you don't move faster than him. Show him your interest without judging him, and gradually he will begin to truly open up.

The cold, pragmatic facade that he may show you at first will gradually give way to his true sensitivity. With patience and benevolence, the Virgo man will bring to light the faithful, honest, and generous man he truly is.

How to seduce a Virgo man and make him fall in love with you?

If you want to win the heart of a Virgo, it is essential to carve out a space for yourself within the activities of his daily life. Virgo doesn't like the unexpected, so don't pressure him to the point of keeping him away from the important things in his life because he will feel harassed and controlled. Be a strategist and try to gain that control using your womanly skills. Without him noticing. Making him believe he's in control of the situation.

The Virgo man does not like superficiality at all and prefers serious relationships. So if you are a beautiful person outwardly, the packaging doesn't impress him. He's looking for someone to be with, to commit to long-term. Starting a family does not scare him; rather, he knows that family life would be a happy life.

Don't hesitate to give free rein to romanticism as long as you already have him somewhat in your clutches, since he really appreciates the little things and will want to know if your love is sincere.

The Sex Life of the Virgo Man

The first thing you should know is that the Virgo man is one of the best lovers of the zodiac. He likes to give all of himself in bed when he has full trust in his partner. He greatly enjoys foreplay: caresses, touches, and whispers in the ear. Everything turns him on.

Contrary to his personality, in bed, it's the unexpected is that turns Virgo on and brings him pleasure. Suddenly changing positions or trying new positions are the keys to making everything go well.

The Virgo man is playful and appreciates being taken out of his comfort zone, even if it's not him who takes the initiative. Freed from his inhibitions, he will have no trouble making his partner enjoy herself. He will strive to thoroughly know her fantasies, everything that she likes, everything that excites her... Also, he's someone who always seeks to improve in bed so that his partner is completely satisfied with him and won't go looking for anything outside the relationship. And his greatest pleasure is watching her pleasure.

Lastly, you should know that his most sensitive areas are the navel area and the back.

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