The Darkest Side of Each Zodiac Sign

Manuel GarManuel G | January 10 2023

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Using astrology, it's not only possible to analyze compatibility in love and people's behavior, but also to determine the most harmful and destructive characteristics of each sign.

No one is perfect, and we all have a dark side. Everyone has had questionable behaviors or thoughts at some point that are governed or influenced by astrology. Keep reading to find out the dark side of each sign.


Sometimes they are rigid, drastic, and inflexible with their thoughts, especially with subjects they consider sensitive. They also love to express their opinions even if they don't have a good command of the subject they are talking about. They do this in order to maintain dominance over others.

A negative attitude that annoys their partners, friends, and family. When they set a goal, even if it hurts others, they strive to achieve it without regard for whether or not it causes harm. So much so that they can become destructive and violent simply to get what they want.


When they get upset about a situation, they can show a vicious and aggressive side that many are not aware of, behaving in a controlling and dominant way. Taurus is one of the signs that least likes to lose. They always want to be victorious.

They also believe their truth is the absolute truth, and when someone tells them that this isn't the case, they tend to get very angry. In the same way, they can't stand confronting individuals who have different thoughts and opinions, and they try to avoid them.


Geminis are known to be individuals who have different behaviors depending on the situation. They can say something and then contradict themselves 2 minutes later. They are relativists in this sense. In addition, they have mood swings, sometimes acting friendly and then suddenly behaving unpleasantly.

Another thing to note is the way they rope people in to get what they want. They may lie or use others for their own ends, not only at work but also at home.


Be careful when a Cancer is sad, hurt by something, or angry, because in those are the times when they unleash their most harmful attitude. They tend to exaggerate and make situations bigger and more complicated than they really are. They can't stand routines or monotony and object to everything, creating unrest in their environment.


They love to stand out and to be noticed by others, whether that means co-workers, partners, parents, or anyone else. They tend to have opinionated, stubborn, and inflexible behavior.

Sometimes they even manipulate others out of selfishness and that obsessive need for attention. They need others to value their work and to tell them that everything they do is done well in order to boost their self-confidence. They need others to worship them.


Their dark side is reflected in the way they treat others and the opinions they express, a bit coarse and with a certain rudeness. They have loads of paranoias and obsessions, so you have to keep an eye on people with this sign. They try to distance themselves from those who are not useful to them, displaying a self-interested personality.

They are individuals who plan ahead and seek to be in control of everything in their immediate surroundings. When they don't like a situation, they say so, and if someone did something wrong, they reproach them rudely. They like to judge, and this generates discomfort.


They are too superficial. They judge the economic status, social position, and even the physical appearance of the people around them.

This is also true when it comes to meeting a partner or new friends. They are selective, trying to stay away from those who do not meet the standards that they consider correct.

They are full of fears, so it is difficult for them to leave their comfort zone. They're afraid of making mistakes. They consider any mistake a reason to be ashamed.


Their element and ruling planet make Scorpio a selfish, narcissistic being. They like to maintain a certain authority and power in all situations and hate being bossed around.

They generally behave in a very toxic way in their relationships. Sometimes they are violent, aggressive, and obsessive, and they cannot control this temperament. No matter how much they want to restrain themselves, they end up showing their impulsiveness.


Sagittarians are people who have high expectations when starting a new stage in their lives. They think they will be successful, will do extremely well, and won't encounter obstacles along the way. When reality hits them and they realize that not everything is so easy, they become a little obsessive and behave strangely.


They find it difficult to express their opinions and thoughts because they think someone might use it against them in the future. They are also reserved and don't tend to express their feelings in a normal way.

They are very selfish individuals. They are also greedy and avaricious, often putting money above feelings. They keep a distant and nonchalant attitude in the face of problems so they don't get hurt.


They try to take advantage of all opportunities that come their way, even if they have to resort to their more vicious and evil side. They like to be above others and detest showing any sign of fragility. For Aquarius, it is unbearable for anyone to contradict them.

If someone manages to contradict them, they will look for the necessary arguments and the means to make that person look bad in front of others. They are methodical, ambitious, and cautious individuals who think long and hard before expressing an opinion. Also, some, but not all, Aquarians tend to be materialistic.


They are pessimistic by nature, always thinking that things will go wrong for them. They also believe that others can cause them harm and nothing that they do will be able to prevent this harm. The worst thing is that this attitude, these thoughts of discouragement and disappointment, drag others down.

Another questionable behavior of Pisces is that they are capable of blackmailing others, using other people's secrets to threaten them and achieve their own goals, or simply to upset them.

Edited by Melissa K.

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