What kind of mother are you according to your sign?

Manuel G | December 01 2020

mum with children

Your astrological sign has a major impact on your personality. It can affect your career, your relationships, your way of seeing the world. Whether you are already a mother or you want to be a mother, in this article, we give you the keys to what the stars say about your relationship with motherhood.

The Aries Woman, a Warrior Mother

- Strengths: She has self-confidence. She's strong and brave.

- Weaknesses: She does not like to lose at all, she's self-centered and possessive.

If we had to define her with one word, it would be ferocity; she is a woman who will throw herself headfirst into her role as a mother. The fact that her sign is ruled by Mars makes her a fighter, a fiery woman who will do anything to achieve her goals. Aries mothers have a lot of self-confidence and never lose it.

If you are a mother for the first time, you will feel a strange feeling, especially in the early years - you have to live with another human being who is totally dependent on you. Aries is one of the signs that best handles this situation, so you have no problem putting your own needs first when you think it's necessary. No matter how much she loves her baby, it is clear to her that they will remain two totally independent and distinct human beings and that she also needs to do things and seek her happiness.

An Aries does not need others to give her permission to pursue her dreams. Always ambitious and willing to do anything to achieve something, you are a true role model and example for your children.

The Taurus Woman, the Negotiator Mother

- Strengths: She has integrity and is serious, she has common sense.

- Weaknesses: She is too lenient and has a strong temper.

Responsibilities first, party later. The Taurus mother is selective in her demands and is undeniably rigorous in the issues she considers crucial. She is a woman who does not find it easy to change some of her habits. But behind this unshakable facade hides a person who always has her feet on the ground.

Taurus spends sensibly. She will raise her children focused on respect and good manners. Although she would like to be very close to her children, she will not sacrifice her respect to become a best friend.

Being a mother allows her to make good use of her management skills, which most Taurus women acquire naturally. She loves to manage other people's lives. The structured pace of raising a child feels natural to her, unlike many other astrological signs. When it comes to education, she is strict and will do her best to provide the best education for her children.

The Gemini Woman, an Unpredictable Mother

- Strengths: She is versatile, curious, and creative.

- Weaknesses: A little impatient and inconsistent.

Being a mother with multiple personalities is often complex and contradictory, but never boring. That's what a Gemini mother is like. Diverse and varied, very versatile, her family never knows what to expect from her. Under her roof, monotony is something totally foreign, although some of the family members would like there to be some monotony and some peace from time to time.

Although her habits may be subject to change without notice, her harshness is balanced by her strong tendency to be quite the opposite of what is expected of her.

Her sign is dominated by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, so her mind never stops. All this mental energy makes her the most eccentric mother in the neighborhood.

The Cancer Woman, the Ultimate Mother

- Strengths: She is sensitive, dedicated, and sentimental.

- Weaknesses: She is overprotective, fearful, and jealous.

Most Cancer women have the maternal instinct directly embedded in their astral DNA. From a very young age, she has been an educator - of her friends, brothers, toys, stuffed animals - in short, of all those who needed a maternal figure. Most Cancer women feel they were born to be mothers.

Her vision of the family is a bit idealized - and she has a gift for creating a magnificent home. She is deeply involved in the relationship with her children and can become their greatest confidant.

Being a mother also has healthy effects on her social life. Since Cancer often has a tendency toward shyness, her children are the perfect excuse to go out and spend time with other parents. The mothers of her children's friends will be her new circles of girlfriends.

mother and children

The Leo Woman, the Dynamic Mother

- Strengths: She always feels confident, a true leader.

- Weaknesses: She has too much energy and tends to be very optimistic.

The Leo mother leaves an impression wherever she goes. For her, being a mother is the perfect way to express herself, a job that she has a lot of fun with. The Leo woman tends to be a practical mother who gets involved in all aspects of her children's lives. She is proud to raise a small being.

Although she's not a bad mother, she can be very strict in her rules. She sets the bar very high, as she herself is a person accustomed to great successes. She sets very ambitious goals and achieves them without much effort, so sometimes she isn't aware that she pushes and pressures her children too intensely. When she puts her mind to something, nothing can stop her. Even if her children decide to choose a different path from the one their mother wants in terms of lifestyle, beliefs, or studies, she will still have played an important role in their education.

But not everything is work and dedication for this mother. When she thinks it's time to have fun, she's good at planning parties.

Some might think she spoils her children because she gives gifts from time to time, but for her, gifts are a way to mark the path for her children to follow.

She loves to hug and kiss her children and loves to express her love by being there for them at every important moment. Her children are truly her pride and joy. She is a mother who gives her children what they need to stand tall on their own.

The Virgo Woman, the Honest Mother

- Strengths: Brimming with common sense. She has healthy habits and a good sense of organization.

- Weaknesses: Her tendency to overanalyze things and to judge. She's restless and insolent.

The Virgo mother is full of contrasts. Sometimes she wants to plan, direct, and manage everything. Other times she prefers to let everything slide and have someone else do it. Although some Virgos feel completely at home in their role as mothers, others need to adapt, especially if they are introverts, addicted to books, and value their having their own little living space. The invasion of children in this so-called personal space makes them feel unmanageable to her.

Despite her obsessive nature, Virgo is also able to relax. Indeed, her fourth astrological house (representing family and motherhood) is ruled by Sagittarius, the sign of travel, adventure, wisdom, and intelligence. This helps her gain a broader perspective and always trust that her children are okay. This influence also awakens her sense of humor and philosophical nature, helping her to see motherhood as a great adventure.

Some women suddenly feel old or overwhelmed by responsibilities when they become mothers. Instead, the Virgo woman will feel like her children are lighting up her life.

The Libra Woman, a Refined Mother

- Strengths: She is fair and patient.

- Weaknesses: She is proud and contradictory.

Becoming a mother is certainly the way to find a balance. Born under the sign known for its delays and procrastination, the day Libra becomes a mother, she suddenly changes and becomes an organized and hyperactive woman. Now she wants to do everything on time, and she doesn't stop even for a minute.

Libra is the astrological sign of relationships; therefore, she becomes the happiest woman in the world when she lives for someone else. Having children fills her with joy. Organizing her life, or rather, organizing the lives of her young children, is something she loves. It's where she feels completely in her element.

The Libra mother teaches her children (and herself) to take care of themselves, to dress well and not to let themselves fall into bad habits and attitudes.

Scorpio Woman, Manager Mother

- Strengths: She is strong, intuitive, and determined.

- Weaknesses: She is demanding, controlling, and sometimes paranoid.

The Scorpio mother is a magnetic mother, a curious mix of eccentricity and domination, inspiration, and intimidation. Depending on her mood, her little ones might either cling to her or run to escape her anger. A single stern look from the Scorpio mother is enough to put a child in their place.

Most Scorpio women quickly adapt to their role as mothers. After all, Scorpio is a water sign, so she is emotional, and she has an innate ability to educate.

Living with a Scorpio mother is like a chess game where the mother always wins. Her desire to be able to monitor, plan, maneuver, and evade things is part of her nature. Scorpio is one of the most intuitive (even one of the most psychic) members of the zodiac and tends to rely fully on her inner guidance. After all, she is not often wrong.

The Sagittarius Woman, the Bohemian Mother

- Strengths: She is adventurous and fun. She knows how to put things in the right perspective.

- Weaknesses: She's impatient and too spontaneous.

Sagittarians are spontaneous, live day to day, act impulsively and follow their instincts. Being a mother means a radical lifestyle change for this sign. She can't do everything anymore. Now, she has to find a way to integrate the needs and demands of another person with her own.

Ruled by Jupiter, planet of all excesses and abundance, Sagittarius needs to either over-commit (and work to exhaustion) or avoid commitment at all costs. The Sagittarius mother is known for doing things first and asking later. This reckless spirit becomes a double-edged sword when it comes to motherhood. On the positive side, her spontaneity makes life more fun, but in organizational matters, it creates difficulties.

She enjoys the power of leadership, the ability to build, and she likes the shared feeling of being able to collaborate on a project with others. She needs to remember that all her children want is to be with their mom, to feel close and connected to her. She must include them in her adventures.

mum with her baby

The Capricorn Woman, an Exemplary Mother

- Strengths: She knows how to plan and organize. She is patient and affectionate.

- Weaknesses: Her anxiety and worries. She is too attentive and doesn't have much self-confidence.

Since Capricorn is the "paternal" sign of the zodiac, that adds an interesting twist to her maternal role. In other words, she can be more father than mother, or both roles in one person. Not that she lacks a sentimental or feminine side, but the planet that rules Capricorn is Saturn, the austere master of work, associated with authority, masculinity, and organization. Capricorn is not afraid to impose limits or give her children the life lessons she deems necessary. She likes to be close to her children, without having to be their best friend. The hierarchy inherent in motherhood suits her well.

She's the kind of mother who loves well but also punishes well, who gives sermons and cuddles. She is certainly not the warmest of all mothers, preferring to show her devotion more through actions than through affection.

There is a mixture of traditional femininity and atypical courage in every Capricorn. She is the cornerstone of her family, the element that keeps everyone going strong in good times and bad. Her sign of the zodiac is the provider, and with the help of her excellent work, she could well be the breadwinner of her family. She will have to learn to escape from her obligations as soon as possible so as not to miss the moments of sweetness with her children.

The Aquarius Woman, an Atypical Mother

- Strengths: She is fair, creative, and open-minded.

- Weaknesses: She is usually very pessimistic and poorly organized.

The Aquarius mother is a curious character who does not fit into any mold. She is affectionate but distant, rigorous but spontaneous - in short, a sweet and atypical mother. And with her, you'll never get bored.

The planet that rules Aquarius is the unconventional Uranus, which is associated with emotional detachment, rebellion, and surprises. "Expect the unexpected" could be her motto as a mother, at least until she figures out where she's headed. It is well known that Aquarians feel uncomfortable in situations of intimacy. Sometimes she can cry, but the next minute she will be impassive, with the same determination as always. It's possible that she may need some time before she finds stability in her role as a mother.

Her fourth zodiac house (representing motherhood and family) is ruled by Taurus, and this protects her fresh and eccentric style. It's a sign that needs security and tranquility when they become mothers and children are nearby.

The Pisces Woman, Mother, Best Friend, and Confidant

- Strengths: She is creative, determined, and brimming with imagination.

- Weaknesses: She is manipulative and a little unstable.

This mother, almost always well-groomed and elegant, is always open to the world. She is innocent, spiritual, and sensitive, wise, and emotionally intelligent.

The Pisces mother is unique and loves to create a kind of comfortable bubble at home so that her family is well. Her heart is always reasonable, even when her head is not. With such a magical mother, there are no typical days at home, and her children get surprise after surprise. A gift, taking them out to dinner, bringing them a pizza, etc.

This behavior may imply, however, a lack of limits and stability. Sometimes she can be a little crazy, embarrassing her children when they grow up or causing them anxiety due to her lack of organization and last-minute changes.

However, her children know that she always supports them and that she would sacrifice everything to make them happy. Her children will grow up with healthy self-esteem because of the admiration she has shown them.

Some Pisces mothers make the mistake of putting children on a pedestal. Not all of them do, but this is not positive, although for them it is because they value very much every moment they spend with their children.

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