Aries Man and Virgo Woman: Compatibility in Love, Life and in Long-Term Relationship

Manuel GarManuel G | September 01 2023

It's a miracle if these two manage to last together because their very different temperaments make them incompatible. In spite of this, in love everything is possible as long as both parties invest a lot of energy and effort.


Right from the start, sparks fly between these two signs with their vastly different personalities. The Virgo woman, a discreet, quiet woman, sometimes a little withdrawn, will soon be thrown off balance by the Aries man, a scatterbrained being, brimming with ardor and enthusiasm.

He, at first, will be a bit confused by this woman who sometimes has trouble expressing her feelings. Although he sometimes lacks self-confidence despite the fact that he always seems to dominate the situation, he needs a woman who knows how to express her love to him constantly. He dreams of a woman who is a little more enthusiastic and passionate, who expresses what she feels for him and shows him every day.

Also, they both live life in a different way. Aries seeks only to have new adventures in his day-to-day life, while the Virgo woman seeks a quieter life. She needs stability and security to focus on other aspects of her life, such as family or career. This will create many problems for them since they will each try to satisfy their own needs.

They will also have problems regarding finances. One spends a lot and has fun, doesn't mind not having any money in the bank, while the other is quite thrifty and only spends on strictly necessary things. The Virgo woman does not understand how her partner can live with such uncertainty in his head. For her, having savings is necessary in case unforeseen events arise, so that there's no danger of jeopardizing the family's well-being. This might make her doubt whether this man can be a good father, acting this way.

In order for this relationship to work and last over time, the Aries man must do his best to get the Virgo woman to trust him more, although this is something that depends on both of them. They both have to do their part to achieve this. He will have to learn to listen to her, think a little less of himself and help her as much as possible to gain confidence in herself so that she can better express her feelings and love. As for her, she has to understand that her partner enjoys being with friends and that going out and spending time with them is not a problem.

In this way, a relationship that almost always starts off badly can take a positive turn if both partners make compromises. The Aries man will have to moderate somewhat his visceral need for change and adventure, while the Virgo woman will have to start enjoying her money a little more, not letting finances limit her enjoying the relationship with Aries, who, as much as possible, should also learn to save in case there are problems in the future.

Edited by Melissa K.