Gemini Man and Virgo Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | September 16 2020

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

From the first moment, these two beings feel that they can live great experiences together. The Gemini man will soon fall under the spell of this woman who is so temperate, thoughtful and wise. He loves her intellectual side and her shy gaze. She's one of those who don't allow themselves to be easily seduced, and this arouses the curiosity of this great seducer even more.

He makes her feel good when they're together, tickles her belly, makes her blush, makes her laugh.

Fortunately, it won't take long to win her over. This vibrant-spirited man is kind, knows how to express himself, has compelling logic, and the Virgo woman loves all of this. She also likes his messy side. At his side, life seems easier. He always has solutions to the problems that arise, which is really important for the Virgo woman, who values security very much.

They both like to be together and have no problem setting everything aside to spend long afternoons cuddled up by the fireplace or enjoying nature. But together.

Intellect will be an important part of the relationship. The Virgo woman tends to intellectualize everything, and Gemini is a very lively person who enters into deep conversations of this sort with no problem. This is the fundamental pillar of their mutual attraction; both respect what the other thinks, even if they have significant differences on many issues.

As for sexuality, the Virgo woman will discover pleasures she considered forbidden before falling into the nets of the Gemini man. Their sex life will be filled with heat and passion, and this will make the Gemini man feel fulfilled and proud to see her experience such pleasure thanks to him. However, she will always try to make her partner see in some way or another that she keeps control of herself and her feelings, whether it's true or not, as is her custom.

As a couple, they will have to deal with some difficulties because their idea of sharing life is very different. Gemini loves to feel like other women are still interested in him. This does not mean that he is unfaithful, but rather that he has the need to feel free and independent. He needs changes and novelty in his daily life, and routine makes him feel like a man without vitality, a man without life.

On the contrary, the Virgo woman loves security and hates changes, both in her personal and professional life. She will have difficulty understanding and accepting her partner's comings and goings, as she needs to keep everything under control.

Both of them will have to do their part so that their different perceptions of life do not harm the relationship. Their intelligence, and above all, their great connection will be fundamental assets in order to overcome the tensions and conflicts that are likely to arise from their differences. And if they finally realize that they can't live together, a great friendship will always last over time, because they are friends, first and foremost, before partners.

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