Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | September 16 2020

Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman

Usually, things start well. The Aquarius man is charmed by the Virgo woman's reserved side. He is attracted to her personality, the way she is when she's with him. He is used to women who do not hesitate to use all their charms to seduce him. With the Virgo woman, however, it's different. She allows the Aquarius man to be who he is, and he loves this.

Virgo is one of those people who needs someone to decide for her, but only on day-to-day issues. She doesn't like to plan anything and lets her partner take the initiative.

In the end, she is mesmerized by this man who is as free as the air, whom nothing seems to reach. She admires his originality, his ability to live things day by day.

Together, they will enjoy beautiful moments and develop a tender connection. The intellect will have a very important place in their relationship and will allow them to grow closer. In daily life, the Virgo woman and the Aquarius man may encounter some difficulties. Aquarius will have difficulty understanding the rigor of the Virgo woman, who flourishes in a well-organized family life, where everything is planned. She likes to keep things under control because it relieves her little anxieties. 

Unfortunately, Aquarius is a born nonconformist. He can't stand restrictions or too many rules and will do everything possible to destroy this behavior and Virgo's principles. She is not very willing to do this and will cling to her certainties and beliefs so much that it could lead to turbulent situations or arguments between the two. Therefore, it is quite possible they may distance themselves because of this.

Aquarius is a deeply carefree and imaginative being, whereas Virgo is focused on the concrete, on the material aspect of things, on real life.

Their temperaments are complementary, as long as they know how to skillfully handle their differences and there are compromises on both sides. Unfortunately, they do not always adapt well to these changes. Virgo, very rigid, resists change. It scares her. Aquarius is very stubborn and generally persists on the path he has chosen. He doesn't change his ideals easily.

On rare occasions does this union lead to a happy and, above all, lasting relationship. The story usually ends after a few years, with each tired of fighting the other's tendencies. When this union manages to function and to last over time, it's because they've managed to respect each other's ideals and way of thinking and have bridged the gap, making an effort to turn their differences into something positive. Therefore, anything is possible between the Virgo woman and the Aquarius man...

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