Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | September 16 2020

Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman

This is a relationship with a lot of potential, but one where both have to do their part to make it successful.

Aquarius and Taurus are very different, and from the first exchange of glances, an indescribable force pushes them towards each other. The Aquarius man will seduce the Taurus woman with his originality and casualness. She will be captivated by this curious and somewhat nonconformist man. She will dream of following him on his adventures, and his taste for improvisation will greatly stimulate her desire. As for the Aquarius man, he will soon find himself under the spell of this sensual and passionate woman who he senses is overflowing with tenderness.

As a couple, they both can bring a lot to each other, as long as they learn to take advantage of their differences.

The Taurus woman will offer the Aquarius man the foundation that will allow him to stabilize - Aquarius, who has a visceral need for independence and freedom. She will give him the security and sweetness of a life he secretly dreams of. In return, she will expect some loyalty from him, at best. The Taurus woman is known for her excessive jealousy and possessive character. This is why the Aquarius man will have to be patient to reassure her while he continues with his life of freedom. Otherwise, she may well suffer to watch him live his life in parallel with hers, without regard for her.

The Taurus woman, extremely attached to traditions and conventionalities, will become more flexible when she comes into contact with her partner. She'll allow herself to do some small crazy things that will make her happy. With the Aquarius man, she will feel totally free because he does not intend to impose anything on her. This will allow her the possibility of offering the Aquarius man her point of view in life in small doses, to try to change him a little, to get him to abandon that need for independence and freedom as time passes. Taurus has a deep need to control things and has to do this to get what she wants. She's not a manipulator, but rather, she wants to show him that her that her way of life is better for both of them.

However, inevitable tensions may arise between them. Firstly, in the financial realm. The carefree Aquarius, a little man-child, lives in a parallel universe where money is of little importance, while his partner is very attached to the material aspect of things. Therefore, she will have to be the one who manages the family budget and, at the same time, leave him free to spend his own money as he sees fit. But as long as they have taken care of all the shared expenses first.

Over the years, even if the Aquarius man has had to fight against the limitations imposed by his partner, he may find in her the ideal woman he has sought for so long. That's when they will both enjoy the fullness of love.

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