Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman: Compatibility in Love, Life and in Long-Term Relationship

Manuel GarManuel G | September 01 2023

This union has a high probability of success, although it can lead to unresolvable situations, despite things seeming to fit quite well at first glance.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman

The Aquarius man is seduced by the Capricorn woman. He feels challenged by her coldness, by the way she doesn't respond to his multiple attempts. She resists his efforts. She struggles to give herself over, is defensive and usually takes a long time to trust a man. But secretly, she admires Aquarius, his easygoingness, his way of life. She would like to be as detached from the reality of everyday life as he is. She would very much like to have a life that's a little crazier than the one she has.

At first, they will have a great time together, contributing a lot to each other. Aquarius allows his partner to get rid of certain mental blocks, makes her get outside of her everyday life. With him, she opens up a little, which brings her happiness. He knows all too well how to treat her, giving her his imagination, his madness, and his joy.

When some time has passed since the beginning of their relationship, things will start to take a turn. Capricorn will suffer because of her partner's behavior. All too often, she feels that he slips through her fingers, that he lives his life on his own, leaving her a little outside of his plans. Aquarius needs a social life that is more lively, not so monotonous. He likes to meet people, to surround himself with beautiful women, to do the things he likes.

His partner will often feel relegated to the background, and this usually arouses a bit of aggression in her. Even if she doesn't want to show this aspect of herself to her partner, this can lead Capricorn to be possessive and authoritarian; she will sometimes even spy on him to know more about his private life, but also to assure herself that everything is okay between them and that there are no third parties. She likes to control the important things in her life.

But this will be a source of tension and problems between the two. The Aquarius man, feeling then that he does not have the freedom that he was accustomed to before the relationship, will seek his freedom, but now with greater intensity, which will provoke anger and rage in his partner. In the end, a kind of vicious cycle will form.

However, they can deal with the issue sensibly and reach compromises in this area. And they should at least try, as their relationship can bring a lot of good to their lives. Their agreement, based on complementarity rather than differences, will be a source of enrichment.

The Aquarius man will benefit from the realism with which his companion tackles life and projects. The Capricorn woman will find that little grain of madness she lacks and the flexibility she sometimes needs to achieve greater well-being and happiness. Therefore, it's up to them to give it their all, learning to communicate and making some compromises to ensure that the relationship lasts.

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