Libra Man and Capricorn Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | December 15 2020

Libra Man Capricorn Woman

A couple with many possibilities to become a serious and lasting relationship, but, of course, under certain conditions.

From their first glances, the Capricorn woman can't get the Libra man out of her head. Charming and incredibly clever, he knows how to treat a woman. She, cold, reserved and an observer, enjoys watching men use their best weapons of seduction to make her succumb. Despite the fact that Libra is a great seducer, Capricorn will always resist at the beginning, by principle, as she always does.

At first, he will bring a whirlwind of fantasy and novelty to her life, which at times will unsettle and excite her. When it comes time to commit to something more serious, things will get a little complicated. The Capricorn woman finds it difficult to conceive of life as a couple as the Libra man does. She needs stability, mutual commitment, and a responsible and loving man who has his feet on the ground.

The Libra man, who women tend to like, will find it difficult to give up the freedom of constantly meeting new women. The Capricorn woman, a bit jealous by nature, will have a lot of difficulty controlling her jealousy because she likes to dominate her partners, to control everything. She loves knowing that she has the control in a relationship and that she can do whatever she wants.

If her partner's behavior makes her feel betrayed, it might bring out the worst in her. In these circumstances, the Libra will have to be prepared to face her devastating rage or a rather harsh silence and anger lasting several days or even weeks. Capricorn is introverted by nature, but she sometimes violently brings to the surface everything that bothers her, rashly and without warning. Disconcerted the Libra may either want to calm the tension or exacerbate it. It's difficult to know what to expect from a man with this sign.

Despite these conflicts caused by their different temperaments, both will often grow as the relationship progresses. The Libra man will bring the craziness and creativity that the Capricorn woman sometimes lacks. She, even on the sexual level, will be freed of certain blockages and will gain in pleasure, something that really excites and satisfies her partner. Libra likes to watch his partner enjoy herself and he has fun being with her. He feels more manly.

This will allow the Libra to find a certain balance and stability, a pillar on which to lean. It will even help him make decisions and take initiative on many new projects, especially at a professional level.

They both get a lot out of this relationship, so if the Libra man finally manages to understand that the Capricorn woman wants him exclusively for her and he accepts this deal, no one and nothing can ever break this relationship.

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