Taurus Man and Pisces Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | October 25 2020

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

An uncertain, yet promising couple, where anything can happen. If they manage to find balance, they will live a lasting, happy love.

From their first encounters, Taurus falls at the feet of this woman with such a magnetic, sensitive, and deceptively fragile appearance. Her raw emotionality moves him deeply, and he only dreams of protecting her, holding her forever, making her his wife, his muse. And he's willing to do anything to make that happen.

As for the Pisces woman, she also feels attracted to this man who is so solid and firm. She thinks that he can be a good refuge for her, that it could be this man who helps her keep her feet on the ground; she, who sometimes tends to get lost among dreams often impossible to fulfill.

However, not everything is perfect between them. Their different perceptions of life may well separate them if they aren't careful and don't have a little patience. The Pisces woman is difficult to understand because she lives in another world. She's a dreamer. On the other hand, the Taurus man always has his feet on the ground. He is a person who always acts consistently and doesn't let his dreams overpower his will. Despite having his feet on the ground, he will sometimes have difficulty bringing Pisces back down to earth, even when they already enjoy a stable relationship.

On the other hand, the Pisces woman sometimes has difficulty committing in the long term, not because of lack of feelings, as she is very sensitive and sentimental, but rather because of her profound nature that constantly pushes her to let her dreams carry her away. The valiant Taurus will have to be patient and work hard to understand. He will have to give her all of his trust and accept in his heart that she can be different.

Lastly, another problem that may arise in this couple is that the Taurus man is a bit possessive and jealous. He likes to control his partners. He loves to feel that he has mental authority over them, and he even likes his partners to develop an emotional dependence on him. Therefore, Pisces will have to be careful not to let herself be molded too much by her partner. If, after a while, she realizes that someone has total control over her life, she very well may resist and want to escape the situation, creating many conflicts that could lead the relationship to a point of no return.

If they find balance, it's very likely that their union will continue. Their differences will become something enriching that can provide support in their daily lives. Taurus will bring the realism, and his companion Pisces, the fantasy. And this will happen in every facet of life.

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