Taurus Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | October 25 2020

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

From their first encounters, these two feel irresistibly attracted to each other because they're very different from each other, and that's what they love.

The Cancer woman is immediately delighted with this sweet and intuitive man. He's got a lot of the things she's looking for in a man. She's captivated by his personality, his deep gaze, his way of touching her and reminding her how beautiful she is. She soon sees him as the perfect father for her children and imagines a beautiful future with him. In addition, we cannot deceive ourselves - sex with Taurus is extraordinary. He is a man who knows a woman's body as well as his own.

As for the Taurus man, he also soon becomes attached to this sweet, fragile woman who shows him so much respect. He especially values the way she soothes him, almost like a mother. A little possessive, however, he expects that she will be all his, that she will devote all her free time to him. Therefore, she will have to find a way to satisfy his needs while managing to carve out her own space.

Deeply faithful and sincere in love, Cancer sometimes suffers from mistrust in her relationships. In this case, she will have nothing to fear with this faithful man who does everything possible to please her. When he's in a relationship, he focuses entirely on her. Seeking out the company of other women is not an option for him. The Taurus man needs stability and security. He could never deal with a life full of changes and dramatic ups and downs. He's conservative, and the idea of changing scares him a little. He prefers his daily routine to a more hectic life, even if his relationship is not entirely stable.

Together, these two beings have great chances of living a happy life full of good times, and even of starting a family. Yes, the most conventional sort of family, with the man focused on his work and the woman more oriented towards the home and the education of their children. But for all this to work, it is necessary for both of them to make some concessions in their day-to-day.

This couple has a certain success in their social life. Other couples and friends always seek out their company because they're the perfect couple to go out and share experiences with.

However, not everything is perfect between them. Cancer, a fairly emotional person, sometimes tends to be a bit whimsical and to take refuge from the slightest adversity in her imaginary world. Her handsome Taurus will have to be patient, wait for her and, in a way, understand her, in order to avoid a rift opening between them. This would be a real shame because they have many positive things in common to make everything work well between them.

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