Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | October 25 2020

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman

A union brimming with passion between the fiery Scorpio and the sensual Taurus.

In the game of seduction, Scorpio is agile and intuitive. She makes Taurus her prey and rarely gives up, even if he shows little receptiveness to her attempts.

From the beginning, things get complicated because these two beings are very different. There are two possibilities. Either they'll become accomplices immediately and fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, or they'll clash and nothing will work between them.

Both possessive in love, they must take care not to let the tension that stems from wanting to control the other person affect their daily life. It's up to them to know how to control themselves and to accept that their partner can live honestly and with a certain freedom outside the sphere of the relationship.

As a couple, both contribute a lot to each other. The Taurus man, solid and strong, will provide security and stability for Scorpio woman, who tends to experience relationship matters, and in general almost everything, with a little anxiety. He will reassure her, envelop her with his sincere and tender love, and allow her to see life in a more serene, leisurely way.

As for the Scorpio woman, she'll bring a little fantasy to the relationship. What's more, she, with her passionate and volcanic nature, will awaken the deepest desires in the Taurus man.

However, conflicts will arise and will be inevitable between them because of their significant differences. It's possible that in many cases these problems could even lead to the relationship ending. The Scorpio woman needs to be in command, and the Taurus tends to dig his heels into his position and is unwilling to yield in many regards. This means it will sometimes be difficult for them to make their way out of certain situations. It is up to them to learn to listen to each other and not to fall into a power struggle.

In addition, although Tauruses are generally reasonable people, they can sometimes lose that coolness that characterizes their actions. That's because a Taurus can't stand people who don't have integrity and don't respond in the same way to two equal situations. The Scorpio woman must avoid awakening this kind of emotions in him at all costs, because there may come a day when he cannot master them. A rage could be unleashed in him that will cause him to hurt her, something that could bring this beautiful relationship to an end.

Despite all these differences, they also have many things in common. They are connected by their mutual desire to build a home and the need to feel secure in a relationship. Both are faithful by nature. Both of them jealous, their steadfastness will allow them to find balance.

In order for these two passionate beings to ultimately live in harmony, they will have to accept their differences and enrich each other, setting aside their possessiveness and power struggles.

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