Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | October 25 2020

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

An overall good couple, where the Sagittarius woman is already hooked from their first dates. She likes basically everything about Taurus, a reassuring man, extremely sensual, always seeking to enjoy everything he does. However, there is one thing that she does not like too much, which is his attachment to certain values that she considers conformist.

As for the Taurus man, right away from the first dates he is also impressed with this exuberant woman. She's so energetic, eager for new things and full of curiosity and desire to enjoy every day of her life.

She only dreams of having adventures and a great love; he only dreams of stability.

Despite the significant differences that exist between the two, love is quite possible. As a couple, their shared taste for the good things in life and their desire to enjoy each moment together unites them and leads them to a remarkable connectedness.

But for everything to flow well between them, they need to learn to manage their differences. Their different perception of a shared life will always be a threat that may jeopardize the great balance that they have in other facets of life. Sagittarius has a visceral need for freedom. Monotony drowns her, and she's not willing to waste her life away without having new experiences. That's what makes her feel alive, and she won't give it up easily.

As for Taurus, he finds it difficult to understand and to put up with both the absences of his partner and her need for independence. All of this worries him greatly. Possessive and exclusive, he will have to fight against his desire to have her with him constantly, because he could achieve the opposite effect and trigger in her a desire to flee from him.

The Taurus man always needs to have new projects and challenges in mind to be in harmony with himself.

In order to live together in good harmony, the sincere, faithful, solid Taurus will have to take a step back in his desire to control the life of his partner. Above all, he must look for some way to increase his self-confidence in order to prevent jealousy and distrust in his partner from destroying the beautiful relationship they have. Sagittarius will also have to do her part to put in some effort. She will have to learn to reassure him, to make him see that if she's with him, it's because she loves him and is not going to leave him for another man.

Over time, Sagittarius may come to appreciate the advantages of being in a stable and secure relationship.

Finally, if they want the relationship to last over time, these two will have to accept their differences, put their individual interests aside, and the Taurus will also have to put more trust in his partner and in himself.

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