Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | September 16 2020

Leo Man Sagittarius Woman

This is a rather positive partnership. These two Fire signs have everything necessary to achieve happiness together.

From the first moment, they both fall under each other's spell. The Leo man is irresistibly attracted to this radiant, energetic woman. He loves her unshakable enthusiasm and freedom. Her little adventurous side literally makes him dream - and this is a man who is rather attached to material things and barely lets his imagination fly. With her, the field of possibilities is immense, and he loves that.

Leo loves to show off in the arms of this beautiful woman. Seductive, full of charm and natural beauty, the Sagittarius woman turns the heads of any men in her path, to the delight of her partner, who feels valued and lucky.

As for the Sagittarius woman, she is immediately seduced by this man with such radiant charisma. She admires him for his strength, his self-confidence, for how he makes her feel when they are together. Usually, she does not immediately show him that she's in love, which will feed his desire. In fact, she has perfectly understood that the Leo man needs some obstacles and small difficulties for a relationship to excite and thrill him. She will skillfully play the game of cat and mouse with him, and he'll love it.

As a couple, the harmony between the Leo man and the Sagittarius woman makes them both do their part whenever necessary. They will be able to find a satisfactory balance and resolve the tensions that arise in all couples. Looking toward the outside world, not wanting to live locked up in themselves, they will constantly reinvent their relationship and enrich each other. Therefore, the intensity of this union will rarely weaken. Unlike some couples who lose the spark of love as time passes, nothing like that will happen in this relationship. 

Together, they will do great things, always with great joy and positivity, even in adversity.

However, some tensions may arise between them, as they are both slaves to their respective natures. Both have very different ideas and a certain way of imposing them on each other. Authoritarian and determined to win the fight, sometimes they face off in small daily struggles for power. 

However, their intelligence will allow them to stop and think calmly to resolve these tensions and move on.

In their relationship, everything will be a matter of balance. Sagittarius will have to put up with Leo's ego, while Leo will have to work to give his partner a little more freedom, checking his possessive and jealous side.

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