Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | September 16 2020

Sagittarius Man Scorpio Woman

Between the Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man... it's love at first sight.

The Scorpio woman is attracted to the Sagittarius man right away. She admires his energy, his optimism, the ease with which he knows how to connect with others. By his side, her worries disappear. She feels incredible. Everything around her becomes easy, and problems no longer seem like problems. As for the Sagittarius, he will soon be won over by the bewitching charm of the Scorpio woman. Her incredible delicateness and magnetism attract him intensely.

Together, they will live a great love story. They like to travel, go out, meet people. Their relationship allows them to mutually grow and enrich each other.

But not everything is so simple between them, as there is something that will create some difficulties in the relationship: the fact that the Sagittarius man tends to need a certain independence. He enjoys the company of women and does not shy away from them. His partner, who is possessive by nature, may start to worry when he goes out and may feel the need to know a little more about what he does outside the relationship when they aren't together. She might even feel the need to try to control the relationship a lot more, but this, in the case of the Sagittarius man, is just a waste of time and will only lead to arguments. A Sagittarius lives exclusively for his freedom. He doesn't see love as confinement, and his partner will have to understand that.

The Scorpio woman is one of those women who engages in body and soul with the man she loves. Committed and passionate, she could become unstable because of the liberties her partner takes, if he does nothing to reassure her. Sagittarius will have to prove to her that she is the woman of his life in order to prevent her from suffering.

If not, she may try to protect herself using a silence that would not at all favor the good communication that exists in the relationship. When Scorpio is uneasy, she either protects herself by fleeing, or quite the contrary, attacks her partner suddenly, as she is very impulsive. These attacks could hurt Sagittarius, but he must understand that she does so out of need for revenge, because she feels abandoned by the man she loves and for whom she has given up many things.

For the relationship to work, Sagittarius will have to learn to manage his needs a little better, while Scorpio will have to learn to be less aggressive and less vicious toward her partner.

In general, Sagittarius's optimism and generosity, combined with Scorpio's determination and commitment, will be sufficient characteristics to overcome the difficulties inherent in married life.

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