Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman: Love Compatibility

Manuel G | October 25 2020

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

A rather turbulent union, where the major differences between these two will lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

From their first encounters, the Cancer man will be charmed by this woman who is so full of originality, who hates prejudices and asserts her independence at every moment. She is a resolute woman. Her innate ability to achieve everything she sets out to achieve sometimes even scares him. Always ready to get excited about a new project or goal, nonconformist and idealist, the Aquarius woman completely fascinates the Cancer man.

The Cancer man is very different from her. He dreams of a life for two, where his partner will provide him with the security he needs to thrive. But she, by nature, is reluctant to make emotional commitments. She's a fan of free love. She hates monotony and thinks that a life without changes and surprises is a wasted life. She's not willing to waste the best years of her life not having fun.

What the Cancer man seeks in a woman is someone maternal, reassuring, sweet, and above all, someone to provide him with the love he needs. The Aquarius woman, at first glance, is therefore not the ideal woman who can inspire trust and security in the Cancer man. Her mind is on other things.

The Cancer man's attachment to traditions such as starting a family, creating a home or having children will readily clash with his partner's need for freedom, as family is not a priority for her.

Aquarius and her constant search for new experiences can end up exhausting her partner's patience and the relationship. Cancer may also try to change, but he is a person who usually clings to his way of thinking often out of fear of change and of trying new things.

Tension will then arise because of these differences in their life perspective. Cancer will blame his partner for her instability and lack of commitment. Aquarius will also be irritated because she can't understand her partner's constant need for security and strong resistance to change. Cancer demands from Aquarius a number of changes that he could also make himself.

But in the long run, everything can work out. These two zodiac signs’ needs for love will help them overcome their differences.

Fortunately, their great connection and intelligence will be enough to overcome these problems, and therefore, save the relationship. In addition, the originality and energy of the Aquarius woman will help when it comes to getting out of crisis periods. Their rich sex life will also be an advantage.

As we've seen, it all depends on both of them doing their part to make the relationship work. They have many good things to hold on to, and in the worst-case scenario, if they fail to make the love story last, they will conserve a beautiful friendship.

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